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Coaching and Advisory Overview:

Here is what you will find in your legacy advisory experience over the next six (6) months:

Month 1: Define what legacy, guiding principles, and values means to you. Time to write down your "Legacy Statement". Set specific goals around your vision and mission. In polarity, clarify what's to be lost if nothing happens. Then, write down what becomes possible when you do follow through.

Month 2: Delve deeper in your design. Establish your ideal identity in the context of your legacy, future reputation, and what steps you need to execute to be remembered in how you wish to be thought by others.

Month 3: Optimize what you have defined by next understanding what investments could assist as well as reaching out to your existing network in a simple inquiry. Then, expand your network so that developing your legacy ideas and milestones becomes easier.

Month 4: Streamline your legacy ideas, passion projects and/or priorities for focus. Development of your legacy can include a motto, logo and distilling of life stories and best lessons in surviving and thriving. 

Month 5: Boost your results by identifying who are your best allies, who are your ideal (wish list) allies, and best environments for working to continue the momentum. As inner fears may surface (to be processed), you get to develop your individuality as much as your legacy in this sociopolitical landscape. 

Month 6: Learn how to execute your ideal legacy plans, those dreams within, by writing down your goals on one specific day a week as a new ritual. Learn also how to create meaningful influence to guide your next actions. 

The images on the left are for you to right click and print to fill out.