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An Online Course To Help You
Create a Holistic Legacy That Lasts

Designing Your Legacy: An Intricate But Worthwhile Endeavor

 Legacy is more than wealth preservation and transitions with life stages and generations.

  • Your first frame of reference is death so you avoid this topic

  • You're not making the most of your time
  • You will only be remembered for your work
  • You're not connected to why you are here
  • You only think of your legacy as monetary vs. how you will be remembered
  • You have no idea how your estate will be used re: a creative plan


If so, this course will build upon your financial portfolio

and every other smart decision you've made.


Course Overview / What We Will Cover

1. What’s your legacy philosophy, in addition to an investment philosophy?

2. Defining and Connecting Your Values To Your Legacy In Alignment

3.  What is your purpose and vision in the deep understanding of your priorities,
both financial and non-financial, to allocate time and resources accordingly?

4. What goes into your decision-making processes?  Time for open communication.

5. What is organizational governance structures and mechanisms?
Define responsibilities, clarify roles and establish protocols for addressing problems to mitigate risk.

6. What are your needs, aspirations and life complexities? These drive the design of your legacy.

7. How do you sustain multi-generational wealth?
Shared purpose for your wealth and shared values, for a shared legacy.

8. The relationship between values and human capital, in all your relationships.

9. Success metrics, emotional and life skills and maintaining values (over desired control)
Building Self-Worth Beyond Work, Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs, Navigating Entitlement
10.  Death and taxes: How will you grow now to live fully?


Meet Your Guide

Few people know how to broaden the conversations around your holistic legacy to reveal what matters most for the short and long term. As a published author and Founder of Legacy Planning(c), Angelina has held over 1,000+ online and in-person sessions over the last 10 years with individuals and families to help them design their legacy based on their values, guiding principles and identity. In this course, she’ll help you define and develop your values as the foundation of your legacy so you can experience your wealth here and now. It's never too early to start. 

What is A Lack Of A Legacy Plan Costing You?


If you’re consumed by your work and don’t have a plan, feeling limited in your time and energy to sit down and intentionally map it out, there’s good news and bad news. The worst first? You’re thinking others can read your mind, but they can't in the 'would of, could of, should of' and when there’s nothing cohesive in the bigger picture as to what it is you know and want for others, there's a gap … and it's not just monetary, it's also emotional. This lack of preparation as well as clarity can leave others lost in the wake of your absence, never mind having a 'role model' mindset in knowing others are watching your example. Then, there's also your happiness and satisfaction to growing in all areas of your life, consistency working a plan that deeper than doubling your investments, losing weight, or ending your bad habits. Yet, the days are long and the years are short unless you take agency now.

You’re not alone in this. When it comes to speaking about your legacy, most people only think about the four corners of their legal, estate or financial documents. You can easily believe in miracles and possibilities in your work, or investments, yet you won’t plan early in the design around your legacy's meaning and connection to others in the value of time. If you don’t know your ‘why’ in all the reasons 'it matters', it can be easy to procrastinate and not care. The good news? You can change that now through decisive action(s) for our business promise of freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction.

This course will be your introduction. You can be that great role model and lead by example. Your connection to yourself and others will increase. You’ll remind yourself often why your legacy matters, and why you are here. When you design your legacy, your values start to work for you. Your trust can increase in yourself and others. You will be willing to communicate more. Here’s what you’ll learn when you enroll in this course:

  1. Learn how to build a lasting legacy based on defining your core and aspirational values as the foundation. You will understand how to connect your value to your legacy and why creating personalized strategies make a difference in staying committed.

  2. See how trusting yourself, in building your self-esteem and overcoming self-limiting beliefs are key distinctions in the energy, or mindset, of believing in your legacy plan. When you can also incorporate mindfulness into your execution, you can trust yourself even more in creating a legacy plan that may be the first for your family even if you don’t have children.

  3. Apply this personal development knowledge, or emotional governance, can then create more trust in others … in the connection and meaning of relationships. You don’t need fancy cars to have a great legacy … in fact, we cover the emotions around entitlement, communicating effectively around money and how to address emotional wealth (which is not talked about enough!) Legacy Planning© will help you get started.

Humans are drawn to certainty as much as uncertainty, in security as well as significance. If you can fulfill your legacy plan, compared to avoid it, you will get to live a fuller life and create more opportunities for happiness and joy. Planning your legacy is more about living and what you can do right now. It’s the open dialogue with those you care about as well as the breaking, and rebuilding, that strengthens your relationships. Individuals that design their holistic legacy plans win in their estates and generations to come. Get access to the Legacy Planning© Course!  (Co

And if there is a topic you would like for me to cover, email me at and let me know your thoughts.

What Do I Get With The Course?

  • 10 Content-Packed Videos --
    No fluff!

  • Powerful questions at the end of each lesson for real life application
  • Assessments to check in on your thoughts and feelings 

Get Access To The
Legacy Planning(c
) Course


  • One year of unlimited 24/7 access

  • Mentoring clients for REAL results
  • This course is best in conjunction with a coach or advisor for live feedback.

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