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My name is Angelina. I am a Nittany Lion, also known as a Penn State grad, who studied at both the Smeal College of Business as well as Bellisario College of Communications.  Welcome to our website, send us an email, listen to our podcast and then book a session when you are ready to start planning your legacy. 

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Letter From The Founder

We’re Legacy Planning©. With a mission to have you feel more freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction through holistic legacy planning, we are advisors of helping you craft your best life as well as aligned future. Between our passion for Co-Active coaching, life planning and podcasting, this is a space where we share it all. We’re delighted you’ve joined us on this journey! 


It all started in 2012 when I wanted to design my own holistic legacy and I could not find a coach, consultant, or advisor to help me think through and plan it through each phase of 'definition, development and execution'. Thus, I decided to design a practical framework in starting from scratch, documenting, and reflecting on each step as I went. Whether it was sharing values or guiding principles, or where I found inspiration, to how others saw and understood this topic. I found out I wasn’t the only entrepreneur who had an interest in designing an intentional legacy so that our lives are more meaningful and connected! Soon, it also became about vision and contribution, and I found others who were just as passionate about designing holistic legacies as I was. 


With this momentum behind us, we launched our “Design Your Legacy” podcast in 2020 with a vision to “expand legacy conversations”. I sought out a diversity of voices from various life stages and backgrounds to speak into their ideas of their own legacy so “the theme” would grow more in public consciousness. Before long, the podcast ranked in the top 10% of all shows worldwide and at #161 for “Society and Culture”. I was reaching new listeners and guest speakers to reflect upon and learn on this topic of personal agency around one's own legacy! 


Since then, we're working on both a 60-Day Guide (our first book!) to distill what we’ve learned in the last 9 years as well as an online course to film shortly. Our guidebook and course will cover insights and lessons from our supporting various individuals as well as their “legacy projects”. All of this has helped us reach new “legacy dreamers” and find even more people who share our passion to design legacies with freedom, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Happy is an understatement.


We're always looking for new positive people to do business with. Let's connect.

+1-310-433-1051 PST

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