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Define Your Values and

Design Your Legacy.

We’ll assist you to remove the apprehension and complexity out of your holistic legacy planning so your legacy can be defined in your words and by your values. Not someone else's predetermined plan, like you are some kind of number. With our custom framework to each client, you can confidently design your future plans to incorporate your unique ideas, vision/mission, and passions, without spending a fortune if in the event of unforeseen tragedy or a lack of commitment in this area of personal development. 

How can we coach you with your first or next steps?

Trusted By Individual and Family Clients Across 4 Continents since 2014.

*We've held more than 1,000+ online consulting and advisory sessions through video conf

*The Founder is a graduate of the Co-Active Training Institute's Executive Education Program, recognized by Harvard Medical School in mapping science to Co-Active Coaching, and attended CTI's 6-month certification (as well as a Penn State University graduate).

*The Founder is a published author with Alliance (philanthropy), Women in Family Business, and Thrive in writing about the subject of legacy and its many facets such as establishing a strong network and navigating power dynamics.


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Design Your Legacy
                  $24.95 USD
Please note that prices are in US currency

Angelina Carleton | 2023 Design Your Legacy: 60 Days to Master Defining, Developing and Executing your Personal Legacy and More

Angelina Carleton believes that inside of all of us, we all want to design a legacy—starting with our childhood dreams, to what we are passionate about to our purpose. Still a new conversation in many ways today, where do you start to define what's most important in order to develop it in your actions, values and, ultimately, ... your time? Designing Your Legacy: 60 Days to Master Defining, Developing and Executing your Personal Legacy and More, is a practical guide that offers a set of powerful questions with each chapter on how you can start where you are today to design your holistic, personal plan.

Coming Soon... Books, Digital, Audio ... Pre-Order Today.
Design Your Legacy: Before The Sale Of Your Business      
$24.95 USD
/ Please note that prices are in US currency

It's quite an exciting time leading up and when you get to cash that check in the sale of your business ... but then, after that, where is the guide or process to walk you through how to approach the rest of your life? Whether you sold your business for $2M or $200M, there needs to be some planning for your life, lifestyle and purpose for 'after the sale of your business'. What do you do? Who do you talk to about this? How do you feel now that you have full freedom with your time - do you circle back to your core or aspirational values or go on a buying spree? What new conversations can you have about this next season of your life in thoughtful exploration? This book covers nine main areas and invites you into a boarder conversation around your identity.
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