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Speaking Engagements:

As an entrepreneur, co-active trained coach, and trusted advisor, Angelina Carleton speaks on the subject of guiding and facilitating legacy planning with individuals as well as groups.  She gives talks, participates in panel discussions, and hosts workshop sessions on topics related to how and why we should design a legacy at any age.  Her main areas of expertise are designing legacies for women, millennials as well as the next generation as today's affluent are two/third's self made.  Prior speaking engagements have included:




  • "Private Group Coaching Conversation" with the Fowler International Academy (2 hr webinar)

  • "How To Create Powerful and Proven Strategies For A Winning Legacy" - Podcast Interview with Deep Wealth

  • "What Is Legacy Planning?" - Podcast Interview with Secure Your Retirement

  • Route 664 "The Road to Human Kindness" - Angelina Carleton joins Les Winston to discuss Legacy Planning




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