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Even if you have access to the best resources for your financial wealth,

you can and will lose unseen opportunities to build your holistic legacy

while you are in good health because of 'fear of not knowing where to start',

limited people who you can speak to about this or those on your team

who can lead you only so far based on their own life's experiences. 

It's time to broaden what's possible in the conversations around legacy to address

what's known as emotional governance in the human relationships involved. The more

awareness around your and others identity, personal development and values, the

better the outcome of what can come alive now in your vision, ideas and guiding principles.

It's a fact – people who write down their plans, or goals, are
42% more likely to achieve them.

In our Legacy Planning© sessions, you'll receive both the brainstorming space to hear your thoughts and feelings as well as real time feedback needed to strengthen your forward movement. 

Whether we work together for 6 or 12 months to define, develop and execute your holistic legacy foundation, our conversations stay private and in the space to further grow your true potential ... in all areas of your life. We lean into the Co-Active Coaching model to ensure your "being" (how you show up) matches your "doing" (the level of your productivity) as you stay accountable to what it is you want to create.

Coaching is a formal version of mentoring but more regimented in the two-way dialogue for breakthroughs.

  • We discuss your growth, new insights as well as new setbacks with your new awareness

  • We co-create your holistic legacy plan that includes who you are outside of work and in business

  • We access new possibilities whether its internal resourcefulness or through our coaching partnership

  • We clarify what matters now in realizing what's blocking your ability to live into your values

  • We focus on your legacy goals from the comfort of your office or home through virtual sessions

  • You may receive a hardcover coffee table book at the end our time together to share and pass on!

With Wealth Comes Opportunity & More Choices
*The Head Start is the Head Start

Receive Our Support

We are one of the only boutique firms we know of that combines who you are as a individual, with your values and guiding principles, in all aspects of your identity, with that of your financial and legal goals. We understand your passions and emotional intelligence need to be incorporated into your holistic legacy plan. We bring that out.

Target Strategic Alliances

We get your frustration when it comes to finding the right relationships of those who say they will do what they promised.  You need to find those you can trust in your network, who share your values, as well as learn how you can deepen your existing relationships ... no matter the courage required to initiate and hold new conversations. How can you lean into your vision, know your strengths and blind spots, in order to develop your legacy?

Hardbound Coffee Table Book

We are the trusted advisors who have your personal interests at heart, your big picture, in seeing the many moving pieces to help you execute on your legacy dreams, mission and passions. Time to leave your manual behind for future generations that explain the nuances of your success and best life insights as your momentum was not built overnight. 

3 Reasons to Become A Client Today

What is Co-Active Coaching and
How Can We 10x the Value of Your Legacy?

Co-Active simply means “being in action…together.” Or perhaps, “being together…in action.”  This style of coaching helps you stretch your sight line, live beyond your comfort zone, and grow with each session. It’s a model and methodology to better understand yourself and process emotions — so you can finally design your holistic legacy by rediscovering your ability to trust yourself more or lean further into your values so actions are aligned and executed on.

There is a “white space” around estate planning and financial advisory services where there could be more conversation around the holistic stuff of what needs to be included or could be created with your legacy … this void can cause challenges later or be embraced today. For starters, in addition to knowing or clarifying your values, how could you project them into the future, whether by years or decades? Legacy planning can be more than a set of legal and financial documents (i.e. a will, power of attorney, a life settlement, insurance policies, family governance constitution, trusts, health directive, etc). Your holistic legacy planning can be curated and annual pre-designed experiences, a hardcover coffee table book as an anchor for a positive shared connection, or how you live into your values in accepting personal agency in resolving challenges. Dysfunction today is the norm but it doesn't have to be; with coaching, you can break patterns of the past to create anew for the future. Through virtual sessions, clients get to define, develop and execute their legacy - each session as well as client is unique in discussing what's on their mind, heart and spirit. 

Coaching sessions challenge existing norms, starting with new questions even around the question of “what is fair?”. When there needs to be tools such as visual mind maps to organize complex situations, we lean into sharing the Zoom screen to see the best outcome in comparing notes in real time. There is a personal side to legacy planning, that is often left undiscovered and unexplored, including living into your life purpose (your skill set matched with why you are here on Earth) and the development of your inner world in resourcefulness. We understand how your financial architecture fits into the picture and your legacy is more than assets and wealth because it involves you as a whole human being in joy.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 3.55.56 PM.png

In perceptions, your legacy does not have to have a “finish line” or be motivated by fear or guilt, it an be inspired by the depth of your character or thankfulness. We can choose to have a self-starter mindset no matter our setbacks or trauma, to grow personally in 'who we be'. Every person’s legacy is unique to them in how they live into their values and knowledge of life lessons to develop their holistic legacy.


Co-Active is a contextual lens to experience your journey from different orientations. As the pace of our lifestyles has quickened, we have become action-oriented and results-driven at the expense of knowing and listening to our inner worlds. Perhaps it the pressure, or need to conform to fit in, or a little of both. 


There is a value to refining the “soft skills” (who we be) in addition to the results of execution (what we do). The invisible consequence over time is a quiet imbalance can leave us feeling disconnected and desperate for meaning and deeper connection. We end up with the feeling of “the hamster wheel” experience of life, as we run into isolation or loneliness, asking "is this all there is?". Your life, as well as legacy, do not have to be or feel superficial but it takes effort on your part to be courageous and show up, or redirect your energies to new places and people.


This is why it is wise to begin with the “Co” piece of Co-Active, arising from a place of being and receptivity as whole and integrated, in addition to assertive and driven. In order for us to experience life as whole human beings, actions should be grounded in being, our sense of connection to a larger wholeness, or what we call the "Little A" and "Big A" agenda. When the Co and the Active go together, the actions of our life are nourishing and fulfilling in peace of mind.

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How do you approach your legacy?
How would you like to define, develop and execute on it?
Book your first session and start today.

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