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The Headstart Is Your Headstart

The greater the wealth, the greater the responsibility.
Let's start a conversation around defining what a legacy means to you in the exploration of your purpose, values, goals and impact on society.  How would you like your life, time and resources to positively influence the world?  Let’s develop and execute your holistic legacy vision through a coaching partnership.

Access to the best resources does not always mean you will have
the best advisor to help you design yo
ur holistic legacy.

It's true -- just because shareholders, family members or anyone else with expectations want your legacy to go in a certain direction, it does not mean their ideas will bring you the freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction you seek in your soul.  With our Legacy Planning(c) coaching and advisory programs, your unique values and guiding principles will lead the design of your legacy true to your identity.  With a Co-Active coach, you'll grow with each conversation (session) as you develop and execute your legacy.


Explore more ideas and possibilities through a coaching partnership, whether your legacy governance model is for yourself (in the development of your individuality),
for your family or to find agreement in a group in the creation of a constitution.

Our sessions connect you with your whole person, not just your head (logic), in the many forms of intelligence.  It's time to get your "legacy house" in order so you can be intentional with your ideas, time and resources.  Your holistic legacy plan can also be a "source document" to build upon and to inspire others around you!  According to the latest UBS survey, only 59% of men have a legacy plan and 45% of women - why the lack of discussions and creation in this area?

Retain our coaching and advisory services to begin customizing your legacy plans
to build out each area by intention compared to accident.
Or as we say, what apathy is doing to your legacy is just not right!

Receive Our Support

We are the only firm we know of that combines who you are as a entrepreneur with your values and guiding principles to include aspects of your whole human being.

We understand your soul and spirit need to be a part of this legacy plan.

Target Strategic Alliances

We understand your frustration when it comes to finding the right relationships of those who say they will do what they promised.  You need to find the “doer’s” as new alliances for your network as well as understand how you can deepen your existing relationships in designing win/win situations beyond the fear of change or "scarcity thinking". How can you lean into your influence in understanding your strengths as well as cultivating new allies?

Hardbound Coffee Table Book

We are the trusted advisors who have your personal interests at heart, in helping you arrive to your legacy destination. Time to leave something of a manual behind for future generations that explains the nuances of your journey as your legacy was not built overnight.  This can be private or public, in publishing.

3 Reasons to Become A Client Today

What is Co-Active Coaching and What's The Science Behind It?

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 3.55.56 PM.png

In the “white space” between estate and financial planning, there is a void in conversations around the broader context of your legacy … such as clarifying and projecting your values for starters.  Therefore in 2014, Angelina Carleton started Legacy Planning©, a boutique coaching and advisory firm, to guide individuals and groups on the subject of their holistic legacy.  Recognized as a Featured Alumni by Penn State’s Smeal College of Business as well as an Honoree “Women of Influence” by LA Biz, she has been trained by the Co-Active Training Institute through their Executive Coaching and Certification programs.  Through each session or retreat, clients get to define, develop and execute their legacy - by speaking into their ideas and writing down their thoughts to begin the momentum of what's possible! 

Mrs. Carleton challenges clients, in the broader context, around the question of “what is fair?” when there needs to be tools to map out complex situations in order to find the best outcome.  There is a personal side to legacy planning, that is often the elephant in the room, such as living into your life purpose (in alignment with your work) and the development of your inner self.  While we understand how the financial architecture fits it, your legacy is more than assets and wealth management.

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 12.13.54 PM.png

How do you view your legacy?
How would you like to positively influence the world or the lives of others?

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." - Michael Altshuler

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