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Even if you have access to the best resources in regards to your financial wealth, you will lose time to build your holistic legacy to every distraction today (FOMO) if you don’t realize the influence and impact your holistic legacy planning can have … starting today.

It's a fact – people who write down their plans and goals are
42% more likely to achieve them in real time.  In the Legacy Planning© sessions, you'll get both the brainstorming sessions and framework you need in 6 or 12 months AND get co-active coaching to make sure that you’re staying accountable to execution.


  • Discuss milestones frequently and receive coaching on your challenges

  • Create the holistic legacy plan you need to grow personally and as a leader

  • Get access to live sessions with Angelina Carleton in partnership for your journey

  • Clarify what matters most and know you’re living in alignment with your values

  • Build all this from the comfort of your office or home through virtual sessions

  • Receive a hardcover coffee table book at the end to share and pass on.


With Wealth Comes Responsibility & Opportunity
*The Head Start is the Head Start

Receive Our Support

We are the only firm we know of that combines who you are as a individual, with your values and guiding principles, to include all aspects of your humanity with that of your financial and legal documents. We understand your soul and spirit need to be a part of your holistic legacy plan.

Target Strategic Alliances

We get your frustration when it comes to finding the right relationships of those who say they will do what they promised.  You need to find the “doer’s” as new alliances for your network as well as learn how you can deepen your existing relationships in win/win outcomes no matter the fear of difficult conversation or "scarcity thinking". How can you lean into your influence in knowing your strengths as well as blindspots?

Hardbound Coffee Table Book

We are the trusted advisors who have your personal interests at heart, in helping you arrive to your legacy destination. Time to leave something of a manual behind for future generations that explains the nuances of your journey as your legacy was not built overnight.  This can be private or public, in publishing.

3 Reasons to Become A Client Today

What is Co-Active Coaching and
How Can It Serve Your Legacy Planning?

Co-Active simply means “being in action…together.” Or perhaps, “being together…in action.”  This style of coaching helps you stretch your sight line, live beyond your comfort zone, and grow with each session. It’s a model and methodology to better understand yourself and your personal agency — to help you design your own holistic legacy by rediscovering your ability to trust yourself to be the one you want to be, in order to create what you want to create.

There is a “white space” between estate planning and financial advisory services where there is a void in conversations around the broader context of your legacy … such as clarifying and projecting your values for starters.  Your legacy is more than a set of legal and financial documents (i.e. a will, power of attorney, a life settlement, insurance policies, family governance constitution, trusts, etc).  Your legacy can be a set of pre-designed experiences, a hardcover coffee table book, or how you live into your values in accepting personal agency of your life, breaking patterns of the past.  Through each virtual session, clients get to define, develop and execute their legacy - by speaking into their ideas and writing down their thoughts to begin the momentum of what's possible! 

Legacy sessions challenge clients, starting with new questions, even around the question of “what is fair?” when there needs to be tools such as mind maps for complex situations to see the best outcome.  There is a personal side to legacy planning, that is often the elephant in the room, including living into your life purpose (in alignment with your work) and the development of your inner self.  We understand how your financial architecture fits it and your legacy is more than assets and wealth management because it involves you as a whole human being.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 3.55.56 PM.png

Your legacy does not have to have a “finish line.” We can all choose to have a growth mindset no mater our age, to grow personally in our inner worlds. And every person’s legacy is unique to them in how they blend their values and knowledge of their life lessons into their legacy planning. Co-Active is a contextual lens to experience your journey from different orientations. As the pace of our lifestyles has quickened, we have become increasingly action-oriented and results-driven at the expense of knowing our inner selves. There is a value to all the “soft” stuff (being) in addition to rushing to “get the job done” (doing). The ripple effect is that this imbalance can leave us feeling disconnected and desperate for meaning and deeper connection. We end up with the feeling of “the hamster wheel” experience of life, as we run around alone in circles, asking "is this all that there is?", only to find ourselves living from a superficial place. This is why it is wise to begin with the “Co.” Action arising from this place of being and receptivity is whole and integrated, rather than disconnected and driven. In order for us to experience life as whole, action must be grounded in being, in our sense of connection to a larger wholeness. When the Co and the Active go together, the action of our life is nourishing and fulfilling.

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How do you view your legacy?
How would you like to positively influence the world or the lives of others?

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