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The Power of Retreats and In Person Coaching

Your Legacy Plan can be the blueprint for you to create now …

but what if you find yourself alone with the pressure of other's expectations or

your ability to trust yourself to move forward feels out of reach?


Wealth doesn’t always buy confidence, kindness, respect or reciprocity. Sometimes it can feel like you don't know who you can trust, because there's an added layer of nuances or the burden that can come with 'access' ... these moments of decision are much needed conversations to grow your inner world, express your feelings and consider new possibilities in answers in how to move forward.

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For some, having the means to design a legacy such as through an inheritance or new found wealth, can be exciting initially. It's having more choices, never mind access to the best vacation spots to enjoy life more. Yet under the surface, it can also feel lonely or empty and there can be a lack of authentic support in how to develop your identity, next stage of life or values because our society and culture doesn't teach 'how to listen' or 'hold deeper conversations'. For many who have access to wealth, there is a need as much for an emotional education (to find inner peace as well as 'climatize') as well as the guidance to  manage social acceptance ("how and where to fit in"), new skills around boundaries ('friendly vs. friends"), as well as the financial literacy to not give your power away to others who make promises. Money, like success and failure, is an amplifier and the energy of your life can be focused on your legacy ideas, as supported by your values and guiding principles. The result? How about freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction compared to an emotional prison?

It is not surprising to wake up to:

  • New responsibilities and expectations where there is no choice other than to step up in new demands with a brave face and being unsure who to trust in those who have the best answers - with internal dialogue in your head trying to find your balance and footing;

  • The need to design personalized strategies so that impulses do not win over conscious self-management;

  • Picking up the tab: How do you develop true and new friendships so your relationships won't be limited to just what you can do for others ... so you keep any level of optimism going forward in a self-fulfilling future?;

  • How much do you communicate so you can feel connected to others compared to isolated or disillusioned when there isn't the investment in yourself and your relationships to explain vs. presume?

Your capacity to grow may be easy moving forward or it may be a 'night of the soul' season. Either way, designing a holistic legacy and then, being held accountable to it week after week can provide new purpose and meaning. When you have the opportunity to develop personally and as a leader, based on your values, there is an added excitement to why you wake up in the mornings. At Legacy Planning©, we are proud to help you co-create your future experiences and goals so you steer your ship with intention. With weekly coaching and consulting sessions, each obstacle and new set of truths serve as an opportunity for learning to be your best version.


In personal agency, you can grow from any and all blind spots in full awareness. We help you gain confidence in your existing and new roles. As you define what’s true for you "right now", your legacy will be developed in integrity and knowledge. Let your life's vision emerge for your happiness and with the accountability of our coaching services

If you would like to create a bespoke retreat, based on a future event such as succession or a future inheritance, now is the time to start planning holistically. Reach out and we can co-create a curriculum to best serve your needs so it's not just another weekend of sports but rather, full agency.

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If any of the words above give language to your experience and feelings, then the next step for your consideration is a Discovery Session, followed by one of our signature packages where you commit to see it through (whether that is six months or twelve months of consistent coaching in accountability with your Legacy ideas, dreams and goals.

Then, a retreat option is offered to inheritors as well as entrepreneurs and NextGen family members to learn and connect

in an immersive environment where all participants are vetted by their values and growth mindset.

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