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The Power of Retreats and In Person Coaching

Your Legacy can be an adventure for you to explore …

but what if you find yourself alone in other's expectations or the idea itself feels out of reach?


Wealth doesn’t always buy freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction. Sometimes it can feel like you don't know who you can trust, because of another layer of biases or the burden and pressure that can come with 'power' ... these are the much needed conversations to sort through feelings and remedies where relating to others in finding empathy or compassion may not be realistic.

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For some, having the means to design a legacy such as through an inheritance, can be like winning the lottery. It's access to more resources, never mind the best vacation spots to enjoy life more. Yet after two weeks at the beach, it can also be a fork in the road to test your identity and values in a short amount of time, in a new type of relevance. For many who receive an inheritance, there is a need as much for an emotional education to be able to manage new social reactions ("how and where to fit in"), new life and survival skills around relationships ('friendly vs. friends"), as well as the financial literacy to know what's going on. Money is an amplifier and the energy of your inheritance can be focused on your legacy ideas, as supported by your values and guiding principle. The result? Peace of mind.

It is not surprising to wake up to:

  • New responsibilities where there is no choice other than to step up in new demands in the fear of losing everything (if mismanaged) - with internal dialogue in your head trying to figure it all out in rationalization;

  • The need to design personalized strategies so that impulses do not win over conscious self-management;

  • Picking up the tab: How do you develop true and new friendships so your relationships won't be limited;

  • Who understands you so you feel connected to others compared to isolated or disillusioned in negativity?

Your journey, in this 'night of the soul', is more common than you realize in the personal development that is asked of those who do find themselves with the opportunity to design a conscious legacy. We, at Legacy Planning©, can co-create your future experiences and goals with you, so you can look forward to waking up each day, and acknowledge what is true and good for you.


In personal agency, you can grow from any and all blind spots in full awareness. We help you gain confidence in your values and the new roles based on perceptions and expectations. As you define what’s true for you "right now", your legacy will be developed in integrity and self-knowledge. Let your ideas come forward for your purpose as well as a shared purpose!

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If any of the words above give language to your experience and feelings, then the next step for your consideration is a Discovery Session, followed by one of our signature packages where you commit to see it through (whether that is six months or twelve months of consistent coaching in accountability with your Legacy ideas, dreams and goals.

Then, a retreat option is offered to inheritors as well as entrepreneurs and NextGen family members to learn and connect

in an immersive environment where all participants are vetted by their values and growth mindset.

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