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3 Day "Foundational Legacy" Workshop

Wealth From Knowledge

  • 24 hr
  • Based On Attendance
  • West Olympic Boulevard

Service Description

Congrats, you've arrived to a stage in your life where you find yourself with either the financial means (through the sale of a business, a transfer of an inheritance, newfound wealth through digital assets, etc) or a family now where designing a holistic legacy means exploration of your values and a framework to align those values with others in your life? The idea of designing a personal legacy is not talked about enough, even though most people (once they get started!) share they wish they started years ago. There's both a feeling of fulfillment and a vulnerability to name one's values and guiding principles as we define them in real time over three days through a variety of exercises. Polite conversations with friends and associates can only increase your awareness so far as to the blind spots, needed action steps, or the internal feeling of what it is to be you in your footsteps. So who do you trust to bounce ideas off of or, for a mission debrief of your baseline, to cultivate the best relationship with yourself as well as those around you in the ripple effects of decisions? What gives your life fulfillment and what is it about that activity, or thing, that brings you satisfaction or freedom? Fulfillment is the feedback loop and through coaching sessions, uncovering and incorporating your core and aspirational values leads to increased happiness and love. There’s a white space between the benefits of estate and financial planning known as life planning where a trained Co-Active coach can bring out your power of awareness to better understand your needs and wants. These answers lead to your writing your own "Legacy Statement" (one value or guiding principle, what's at stake, why it's important and your 1- sentence vision statement). If you were to pass on a hard cover coffee table book, what would be in it worth distilling to share and pass on? What life and business lessons, wisdom and insights would you share? Our intent is for clients, through our "DDE" framework, to find more freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction after this 3 day immersive experience because your legacy includes more than the quantitative side of asset creation and transfer. It includes "You": your stories, values and identity in the broader context of projecting those values and guiding principles. When you develop your legacy plan, the ROI of your values and vision serves as the foundation for your future no matter the storms ahead. 3 days, 8 hrs each day.

Contact Details

  • 9190 West Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, USA


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