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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What’s the difference between coaching and receiving advice?

Coaching is a partnership in the intention of growth. In this offering, the focus is around creating your intentional and values-based legacy – other topics do weave in but space is held for the bigger picture, in addition to the day-to-day challenges. To commit to a coaching partnership includes weekly virtual sessions, accountability around homework assignments (reflection, taking inventory, personal development, exploring new inquiries, etc) and tracking your progress. Virtual consultations offer more flexibility in a remote approach for navigating busy schedules to create custom holistic legacy plans that are human-centric. Your pace at the development and execution of your ideas is implemented at your pace and on your own time and as your urgency allows.

Coaching asks you new, different and powerful questions where you search for the answers in your heart, soul and mind. Consulting, or advisory services, provides our unique perspective(s) based on our lived experience applied to known, real problems.

2. How do I know if a 6- or 12-month service is right for me? To identify whether a 6- or 12-month coaching package suits you and your lifestyle, there are various factors to consider including level of support, passion to execute quickly, budget, degree of involvement and/or scope of your legacy ideas (projects, organization of your life’s affairs, etc). The bigger your legacy projects, the more likely you will seek ongoing coaching support to bounce ideas off of a neutral, third party in trouble shooting any internal or external setbacks.

3. How much does your service cost? We offer two signature coaching packages because we know that dipping your toe in the water does not equate to results. Each has its own pricing structure, see our “Booking Page” (aka Book Now) for additional details. Clients that would like to also receive a ‘hard cover coffee table book’ for their office, home office or living room table, may incur additional charges depending on the collaborate freelancers to make the book project timeless as well as its timing on delivery. Clients pay upfront and are allowed to cancel at any point.

4. Can I see examples of past ‘hard cover coffee table books’ for individuals? Due to the private nature of many of our HNW clients, samples are not provided at this time.

5. How long does it take to produce a custom ‘hard cover coffee table book’? Depending on the nature and graphics for the 'legacy' book (i.e. timelines, custom design work, etc), a time estimate is provided upfront. There is no standard as each client is different in what they desire. Sometimes, we move at the pace of the client in their providing key photographs and other data to be incorporated.

6. Do you work with clients outside of your local area? Yes! We have worked with clients throughout the United States and internationally, pending clients can speak English as my French, Spanish and Turkish are a bit rusty. While our international clients are more flexible in terms of coordinating times for scheduling sessions, we look forward to learning more about the legacy you like to holistically design as a gift to your family or for your own untapped potential.

7. What coaching styles do you specialize in and what is the benefit/ripple effect?

Balance coaching, fulfillment coaching and process coaching. Each style, or methodology, are taught at the Co-Active Training Institute. Balance coaching looks at creating new possibilities through reframing. Fulfillment coaching leans into clarifying, updating and expanding your values into your life's decisions and legacy planning. Process coaching addresses the setbacks and emotions blocking progress forward through a variety of quality questions.

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