Five Areas To Focus On During A Pandemic

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

5 Things To Focus On During A Pandemic
Self Care, Health, Education, Wealth. Emotions.

As many people have left the city to live now in their countryside home, there is still much work to do to stay productive each month in a changing global landscape.

Enclosed are five discussion points worth considering and reflecting on during this time to maintain both yourself as well as your legacy.

1) Self Care 101, 201 & 301

Taking good care of yourself is essential both for your own well being and clarity of mind but also for your ability to be the rock of stability for loved ones, friends, associates and clients.

They need (as well as expect) you to show up at our best to deliver with a positive mindset. This may mean spending a little more on better products or being very intentional about your day's activities in what you schedule in. Every meal can be medicine in itself as your first step towards preventive maintenance.

Our five senses absorb everything in our environment - what have you included or what will you incorporate for yourself whether it is meditation, protective stones, oregano oil, green juices and other remedies to find balance in caring for yourself?

2) Health

Keep exercising each day - don't stop due to fear, confusion or overwhelm.

When someone is training for a sport's competition, this daily preparation is the training ground or training season in the power we have to strengthen ourselves for what is next. Don't stop now because the outside world is in chaos. Because there is uncertainty.

From wines to spirits, alcohol sales have increased 26-32%. Hello?! Escape!?

You can spend an hour sipping wine each evening or you can go for a walk or a jog and get some fresh air. Or you can practice some yoga in the yard or on your balcony.

No matter what is going on in the world, you are still at choice to sustain and build yourself compared to falling backwards. Growing backwards. Collapsing in on yourself in depression because of fear. One visual resource is Instagram where many entrepreneurs ("social influencers") showcase their active-wear lines and will deliver to your doorstep.

3) Education

No sure what to think or what to do next?

Numerous brands, founders and digital nomads now offer complimentary intro and paid webinars on "how to" handle many problems, obstacles and dilemmas facing us today. Some consultants extend webinars about 'how to advocate for your value in this new normal', how to manage crisis with a data driven approach and a variety of other relevant topics. There are enormous positive support if you look for it and with technology, that specialized knowledge can be delivered straight to your inbox and cell phone.

While it may be easier for some of us to learn from the comfort of our homes, there is a niche of parents who are opting in to lease a hotel room for a few hours a day to work in silence and away from their kids. Online tutoring services have also increased in demand as parents delegate this task on behalf of their children.

In addition to pivoting in our business, there is much fine print we also need to know in our awareness around the ease and convenience of technology.

Our smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, virtual assistants like Siri, and every other smart device collects data. Our data. And sells it. For other's financial benefits.

But wait, there's more. In my conversations with doctors in the past six months, our mind's neural net is outside of our actual physical head - our thought process of electronic waves and modes can be recorded and influenced by smart devices.

These smart gadgets, depending on their programming and software, are receivers that can pick up and decode our thought processes. Our brain functions like a scalar wave; it is important to know when we may be impacted by frequencies outside of our bodies.

Would you still wear a smart watch knowing it is collecting your bio-data? Or keep your iPhone in the same room as you, day and night?

In the risk/benefit ratio, there is much to learn in due diligence. You too can make the time to learn about enzmes and CRISPR techology so as not to be blindsided. The mainstream media is not going to disclose everything we need to know as consumers and human beings.

4. Wealth

There are always opportunities to meet market demand because people do not stop needing, wanting or desiring things and services. Many content creators are earning six to seven figures a year now with online education to niche customers. With your talents, how would you like to make a difference in other's lives in a value exchange of time and money? With industries changing their business models, executives are stepping down from once well known positions; what can you offer them, for instance, in a practical approach in what they can do next? Whether their or your company is public, private or family owned, the needs have only shifted in this 2020 landscape.

If you are a solo entrepreneur, you can add a variation to one of the four features of an existing offering: price, time, function and/or design. Crowdsourcing and sponsors are one way to get started if you seek to leverage other's funds for start up capital. There appears to be 21 crowdfunding websites, just in case the Shark Tank television series is booked for the season.

Social influencers can expand your offering to their engaged followers to communicate the problem your offering solves along with your business promise. Perhaps your viewpoint offers a better "unique selling proposition" that expired executive experience has not thought of in meeting today's lifestyle needs.

5. Emotions

Unpacking the energy behind emotions is imperative to moving forward with inner peace compared to some level of trauma right now. Give your feelings a voice compared to numbing them out - your feelings can be expressed in a journal, to a friend, to a co-active coach, or pick at least one party in your support network to be a healthy outlet.

Even a loyal pet counts given the division these day across a country or household!

I recently watched a series online about addiction that was enlightening - it's not just hard core addictions that spellbind people in halting their progress and development.

It is also soft addictions that millions of people turn to, to escape from the pressures of life and to find relief. Individuals can become functional addicts who manage addictive habits to even small things like coffee, sugar, being right, being perfect, narcissistic relationships, etc.

The only problem with this escape is that it borrows energy from the future in the rush of neuro-chemicals. While more and more people are finding it unbearable to face the pain of living in our material and social world, the altered state lasts only so long.

It is better in the long run to face and learn the skill sets of dealing with problems. Emotional intelligence is one such skill set and is taught in many books, videos, podcasts and other platforms so a person can gain the tools and skills needed to understand feelings, wounds and reactions.

While this latest crisis caught most of us by surprise, its effects have shifted us drastically into the fourth industrial revolution. The closing of many retailers, cafes and social gathering hubs have impacted how we do business, what we talk about and what our priorities are now.

Yes, some people have been more impacted than others.

Yet in this time of pause and reflection to gather our best tools, we can leverage what is around us to prepare and transform us for the next opportunity. You can still define, develop and execute our legacy in 2020 and in the future through achieving your positive goals, strategic alliances with existing and new partners as well as sharing your knowledge on a variety of platforms to offer others your unique contribution.

Most leaders receive enormous support in growing their professional goals, while they have little to no support to grow their bigger vision or dreams. At Legacy Planning, we guide clients for 12 months to move them from concept to completion. When clients retain our coaching services, we increase their wealth by aligning their values & developing their focus so their legacy becomes a reality.

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