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A Journey Beyond Imposter Syndrome ... For Your Legacy

Guest Post by: Courtney Rosenfeld

Imagine standing at the precipice of success, yet a nagging voice whispers doubts into your mind ... endlessly.

Are you running from the best of yourself? Thus, sabotaging your potential legacy?

This voice is the imposter syndrome, a common adversary on your path to self-realization and self-worth. You're not alone in this battle; many individuals experience these feelings of inadequacy despite evident success. This Angelina Carleton Legacy Planning blog post can guide you on this subject, serving as your compass to navigate through this fog to empower you to embrace your true self confidently.

Demystifying the Imposter

Imposter syndrome cloaks your achievements in doubt, making you feel like you are not good enough. It's a psychological pattern where you doubt your accomplishments and fear being exposed as a "fraud." This self-sabotaging belief hampers both personal and professional development. Recognize this adversary, this saboteur, as the first step in your journey to self-empowerment. Understanding this phenomenon is crucial; it's not a reflection of incompetence but a common experience among high achievers.

So what are few remedies? Read on.

The Power of Positive Connections

Surrounding yourself with a supportive network is transformative. These positive-minded individuals, who see your potential and encourage your growth, are invaluable. They can provide perspective, remind you of your strengths, skills and accomplishments when you doubt them. Seek out these mentors, peers, and friends who can and will uplift you. This may be a new goal but it is a best practice for every year of your life, as these allies are worth their weight in gold. Their optimism and belief in you is a mirror reflecting your true capabilities and potential, helping you to internalize your gifts and embrace your talents.

Embrace the Beauty of Imperfection

Perfection is a myth, and embracing this truth is liberating. Imperfection is a natural part of life, beauty and learning. Mistakes are not failures but rather, stepping stones to mastery of any endeavor, goal beyond your comfort zone or dream. Accepting this truth helps you to overcome imposter syndrome, as it aligns expectations with reality. You'll learn to value progress over ‘the idea of perfection’, understanding that each step forward, imperfect as it may be, is a leap toward your true potential. Each step is an investment in your true identity.

Charting New Horizons

Once you've seen imposter syndrome for what it is, an illusion and mind trick, new opportunities await. Before venturing into a new business or investment opportunity, no matter your age, ensure your online profiles and databases reflect your latest capabilities, experience and photographs. If you are branching out from a family business to find work on your own for the first time, seek guidance on how to write a resume, tailoring it to each position by adjusting the skills and keywords to match the opportunity and reader.

Highlight the alignments between your relevant experiences in your professional and personal history. While college and university matter, albeit for alumni connections, education comes in all forms today so don’t set limits on what you think the person “on the other side of the table” wants to read or hear. A stellar introduction, if there is a mutual relationship somehow, can also be your gateway to new and open doors - adding fuel and momentum to your courage to step out.

Entrepreneurial Dreams “Beyond Imposter Syndrome”

Overcoming imposter syndrome can spark the flame to follow through on one of your innovative ideas, in claiming the role as a founder. Before you roll the dice, a solid business plan is your first step in thinking through your ideas as to market research and roadmap to success. Describe your company, your service offerings, the business structure, and your financial needs and projections. This plan is not just a document but a manifestation of your foresignt and clarity with your vision.

Re-framing to Combate Negative Thoughts

No matter your age, life stage or career momentum, we all face levels of setbacks we never saw coming. Other’s jealousy, and envy, can cause us to stumble and in time, we can learn it is their wounds projected onto us. Challenge any and all negative thoughts head-on so they don’t stick and stay with you. When self-doubt creeps in, counter it with evidence to the contrary – writing it down if need be. Keep a record of your successes and compliments from others, however small and utilize them as a shield against negative thinking.

Select a few affirmations and practice them often in claiming agency over your internal self-talk. You can’t control the haters, but you can control how you take care of yourself. This isn't just about feeling better but about rewiring your brain to recognize and celebrate your capabilities. Even when you feel like an island and are having your mettle tested.

The Growth Mindset as a Choice

Adopting a growth mindset can be your second best asset, alongside your positive network of allies and friends. A growth mindset can be learned and is a pivotal remedy in overcoming imposter syndrome. Even if your family of origin didn’t have one, a growth mindset fosters a love for learning and resilience in the face of challenges. It’s choosing to learn from every opportunity compared to falling into a victim role or apathy.

View every experience as a chance to grow. Write about it to be able to look back once a month, or year, on your progress in tracking your personal development. By focusing on learning and distancing yourself from the problems at hand, you shift away from proving yourself to improving yourself … a key in unlocking your true potential by holding onto your power in energy allocation.

Your Secret Weapon: Self-Compassion

No matter the lack of external results you may see today in instant gratification, be kind to yourself. Imposter syndrome flourishes on self-criticism! Practice self-compassion by acknowledging your efforts and progress. Especially in writing!

Celebrate your attempts in showing up time and again, knowing that each action, each a-ha moment, and each breakthrough is shaping you into a more capable individual. Recognize your new levels of awareness, how you trust yourself more as these are milestones in knowing yourself and how best you can serve. No longer serving the thief and culprit of imposter syndrome another year.

Your rite of passage in facing and breaking free from imposter syndrome is a path of self-discovery and honesty. Remember, you're capable, and your achievements are valid. By understanding and seeing imposter syndrome for what it is, and incorporating any of the solutions above, you're not just conquering imposter syndrome; you're raising your internal vibration to match better opportunities and people in your future – to live into your full potential.

Step into a higher frequency each day with confidence. It may be slow at first but each day, your ability to trust yourself will speed up. The best part? You may then want to write out your draft of a personal legacy vision in planning for your future once you're on a roll.

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