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The "Design Your Legacy" Podcast: 43,800+ Audio "Plays"!

Updated: Aug 1

Imagine feeling freedom, fulfillment, and satisfaction when you think about your life's legacy, compared to apathy, fear or limiting beliefs. Designing your legacy does not have to be far away from your life, as in some ideal, because your legacy needs you: your values, guiding principles and wisdom.

What if your holistic legacy is the physical explanation of your life's purpose and essence?

In this podcast, I speak with a variety of individuals from many walks of life to discuss how they define, develop and execute their legacy - beyond just the legal and financial. It's who you are, in your identity and humanity, that others will remember the most.

Tune in for new episodes with people you may never cross paths with in your regular life to tap into inspiration and education. Or our business promise of more freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction.

The intention of the podcast is to have you "design your legacy" by seeing the possibilities to live more consciously in the "now" to care with your relationships, your time and the details of your life in the evolution of your personal development.

No matter how good an attorney writes an estate plan, the human parts are what people remember (as well as fight over!) Therefore, develop your living legacy through pre-designed experiences and doing the inner work to think through the effects, is a start! So too is retaining a great coach to debrief your vision and hold you accountable in weekly sessions to check in on progress as well as setbacks!

If coaching is not within your budget, one place to start is noticing positive role models from the past or the present who can give you hope around your legacy journey and vision!

Subscribe today on Apple iTunes and if you enjoy an episode, tell your friends and family and associates!

On Soundcloud, we've enjoyed over 43,800+ "plays", 4,059 "likes" and 2,105 "reposts" from listeners in 50+ countries! Thank you for tuning in and we would love to hear from you!

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