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The Legacy Series Podcast: 32,300+ audio "Plays"!!

Updated: Jan 20

Imagine feeling freedom, fulfillment, and satisfaction when you think about your life's legacy. Or what if your personal legacy is the physical explanation of your life's wisdom and essence?

Tune in every Friday for new episodes with unique and leading voices to unlock the inspiration and dreams within you to define, develop and execute your legacy!

Our intention is to have you design your legacy by honoring your core values with both internal as well as external challenges we all face. Develop your living legacy by doing the inner work to see the outer results, or by noticing positive role models who lead the way!

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On Soundcloud, we've enjoyed over 18,600+ "plays", 2,579 "likes" and 33 "reposts" from listeners in 50+ countries. Interestingly enough, with the BRICS nations leading the way!

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