Sunday 7: Week In "Coaching & Advisory" Review

Insights from this past week in the distinctions with clients enclosed herein:

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  1. Higher income individuals seek out coaching around their holistic legacy planning because they want to do it right, or the best they can, for their future;

  2. In addition to education around passive income, our clients want a diverse team of individuals for their team for well rounded advice;

  3. In addition to what a client's cash is doing for them, they want to intentionally structure their time because they are no longer working for survival - they are working for growth and to find satisfaction;

  4. There's the commitment around the long term vision that needs to be revisited once a week, as a check in, and there's also "taking inventory" in how clients are being accountable to their goals, vision, values, principles, etc;

  5. Just as there are wealth building strategies, there are legacy building strategies: these included growing a client's inner landscape to trust themselves more and/or finding talented individuals who can contribute so clients can connect with their feelings/emotions and with new internal and external conversations.

  6. The relationships in your network serve as leverage and momentum to your specific legacy vision. It's important to grow one's network and work through any fears and beliefs in confidence around this expansion of one's network and/or frustrations in negotiations;

  7. A client can grow both personally in the development of their emotional maturity as well as in their legacy projects in measuring KPI's (key performance indicators) by simply observing and then, acknowledging. The KPI's are decided in the designed alliance between client and coach in what the client would like to notice in their growth.

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