3 Tips To Help You Organize For The 12 Months Of Your Legacy Planning

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Did you know that Kim Kardashian, who now worth $900M, started her career as a closet organizer?

Being streamlined may not seem important to people who are smart in other areas, but it truly is a foundational pillar to your long term success.

Today, while she has moved on to other business endeavors of a mobile game, cosmetics as well as shapewear, she and her husband pay about $100,000 a year in their retaining of professional organizers to keep their homes and offices in streamlined order. It's an essential.

So even if you are not a celebrity, you may still manage multiple businesses or wear many hats in keeping your vision in forward motion.

It is important to get and stay organized because this is the foundation of your momentum, productivity as well as peace of mind in that your space is a silent support structure.

If you are going to design, develop and execute your personalized legacy, your home office needs to be aligned as an asset. Not a liability that gets deferred another week.

Enclosed are three (3) tips to guide you to begin or refine your learning and working space.

1. Consistency.

If your office is filled with clutter or an unideal floor plan, set aside some time each day to work on it - whether it is asking for help from a professional organizer or assistant, drawing a conceptual space plan yourself or updating any portion, the updating can happen gradually.

Then, stay on top of the organization at least once a week if not each morning or late afternoon for 5-10 minutes. Whether it is at the start of the day, as part of the morning routine, or at the end of the day to prepare for the following day, maintaining simplicity in your office will make it easier to reach goals.

When you have simplified your office space, the good news is there won’t be 100 things on your desk or any other surface asking for your attention at once.

Some say success is repeated small actions or habits, as mundane as they are in the moment, that can lead to the final reward of the discipline.

2. Add Nice Things.

To make your space inviting and inspiring, consider bespoke supplies regardless of whether you are in Generation Z, Y, X or baby boomers in their home office or their corner office in a shared building. Leather, or pleather, items such as rulers, mouse pads or journals create an elegant touch just as a luxury fountain pen can add to the writing experience. Your office space, just like your legacy, can reflect your style, taste and personal identity.

3. Create Checklists.

What matters in your office space? Is the priority calming colors, action centers, a strong wall that holds a custom white board for writing goals, or what things would you like to add to further empower your legacy? Yes, plants and desk lamps can be ideal ... but what else is important?

With technology offers more convenient tools, such as long range wireless charging, we have more choices than ever to make our office our best co-pilot. If you had to create a checklist, how would you set yourself up for the next 12 months to succeed? Or help the members of your team, family or board succeed in your leading by example?

Use the many tools to align your office with your top 3 values.

If you or your assistant set aside the time, you can also record your office transformation or explain what makes your office unique in sharing your legacy building.

Whether it is partial or full office makeover, or just inviting others to see your special space, you can set the precedent for yourself as well as others as a leader in mastering this one room.

Why does this matter?

Whether you are a successful executive, emerging entrepreneur or someone who found yourself at home feeling stuck, you can still set yourself up for a positive chain reaction compared to the outside environment. I have seen many backgrounds on Zoom meetings that are less than inspiring, less than the best and less than what serves the individual.

No matter your title, your net worth or life stage, your interior space is one area you do have influence in. Control over.

Give this gift to yourself, to better your office environment compared to abandoning this space or walking through another day apathetic.

Create a space you are proud of compared to blank walls or the opposite, stacks of paper, unorganized shelves and clutter.

Consider adding framed pictures of what matters to you for your walls compared to images that hold no meaning to you. Wouldn't it be great if you framed an image reflecting your top values, your future vision, the tagline or mission statement of your legacy?

With an external environment that supports your legacy dreams, it is one more milestone of accomplishment.

Let your environment to contribute to you by taking the next or first steps today.

Photo credits: Andrew Neel instagram.com/andrewtneel


Most leaders receive enormous support in growing their professional goals, while they have little to no support to grow their bigger vision or dreams. At Legacy Planning, we guide clients for 12 months to move them from concept to completion. When clients retain us, we increase their wealth by aligning their values & developing their focus so their legacy becomes a reality.

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