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Overwhelmed by the idea of planning
your legacy alone? We can help!

If defining and developing your legacy plan grips you with fear or it feels like a procrastination game, Angelina can coach you on your next steps on our podcast!

Do you have an idea or a vision

for your personal legacy?

How are you investing in yourself

to design a better future holistically?

Submit to be a guest on an upcoming episode of our podcast, "Design Your Legacy", for an opportunity to have founder Angelina Carleton identify where your thoughts or feelings may be holding your back in the development of your personal development or soft skills. If your legacy plan is getting buried by distractions or obstacles, it's time to converse with a professional coach so time and money aren't lost. It's better to be in a proactive position than a reactive one. If you’re selected, you’ll speak with Angelina live on a future podcast episode. 

You’ll be invited to speak into your legacy ideas, challenges and receive clarity 'unique to your life' ... and best of all, hear new insights and instant feedback that moment to keep you moving forward with new learnings and a higher level of awareness for your action steps.

Submit Your Questions

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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