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Design Your Legacy

Without getting clear on what you want, you may never go forth in the right direction.  Time to define, or redefine your purpose, values, goals and passions so you can design a holistic and meaningful legacy.

What's At Stake When You Don't Have A Legacy Plan?

Most individuals struggle to design a holistic legacy alone because they need to start with their values, principles and purpose.  But ... they aren't clear on these three areas, haven't updated them or haven't written them down - to know what influences them or what it is they want to create.

When you don't know in a plan:

  • The best of you is lost forever (it's just a matter of time);

  • Your good intentions and wishes don't receive adequate follow through;

  • You don't know or grow your inner resources as an asset;

  • Nobody can read your mind to truly know the 'idea of you' or your vision;

  • You sabotage your happiness in fears or scarcity thinking vs. aligning and allowing what's possible;

  • You continue to stay lost in the sea of uncertainty - in where to begin for the first steps.

The process of designing your legacy should build upon each moment of clarity and be written down. Not all individuals know how to explain what they really want, or need, in and from their lives beyond their work, investments or status - for meaning and connection.  When we are never asked about our legacy views and feelings, most people won't volunteer their thoughts on what they would like to do or be.  Learn our Legacy Planning(c) framework to feel freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Your legacy involves more than assets, quantitative numbers or governance documents. 

It involves the wisdom and essence of you.

There are 3 ways you can learn our Legacy
Planning(c) framework.  Which do you prefer?

Perfect For:


  • "Bobo" (bourgeois + Bohemian) - Well-educated, 30-40 year-old entrepreneurs;

  • The luxury afficionado - 50+ year-old's who are ready to design a meaningful legacy in significance, contribution and impact; and ...

  • The new aristocracy - High-net-worth, 25-49 year-old's.

Option 1

Purchase a
Virtual Discovery Session
Do you want to manifest your dreams and develop your individuality for how you could design your holistic legacy plan? Learn our Legacy Planning(c) Framework by partnering with a co-active coach no matter your time zone, life stage or net worth to start from the comfort of your domicile (home) or office with an introductory online session.

In this initial advisory conversation, Angelina Carleton will show you how designing your legacy plan can be the foundational source document for your future decisions. In this first session, you'll define "legacy" by your words, your core values and guiding principles. When you know what you want to drive you, your decisions and legacy, compared to what influences you today based on yesterday - you will feel more connected with your life, the energy you put into your work and your relationships. We als start writing down your ideal legacy story with your imagination compared to the default or past stories.
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Option 2

Partner with us for a
Six Month Advisory Journey
Would you like to receive the much needed support for your holistic legacy to not have to think of it all on your own? Coaches and advisors can serve as excellent sounding boards so that your taking personal agency does not have to be a lonely walk. Oftentimes, we need to clarify what's most important but can't in the noise of the world and the demands on us. With our Legacy Planning(c) Framework, you'll receive both the accountability and guidance once a week in online sessions as you develop a legacy plan unique to your identity and purpose. Your legacy "source document" will include your personal mission statement, vision statement [motto], guiding principles, values, areas of influence and family constitution (if needed). It's never too early to start and you'll feel confident in your legacy plan as it will be based on your truths, individuality and baseline of the life you live.

Option 3

Block out the next
12 Months for a Year of Transformation
Amongst the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules, some of us sit back and consider deeper, reflective questions.  What is my purpose?  Am I fully living my values?  Have I made the world a better place?  It is from this vantage point, breakthroughs happen to alter the course of one's destiny.  Check out our Thrive article written in 2013 ... and then, consider great legacies require both care and time in order to manifest in 3D in the defining, developing and executing on a plan for the first time or maintenance of a plan that is life rewarding and contributes to beneficiaries.
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The Legacy Planning(c) Framework has been
Recognized by both the media
as well as Strategic Alliances

You Can't Afford To Not Design Your Legacy

If you have wisdom through life experiences and practical knowledge, but you don't know how to write a legacy plan you'll actually develop and follow through on, there's good news and bad news. The bad news? Your practical knowledge will pass with you, like a closed book gone forever. Your good intentions and wishes for what could be created get procrastinated upon another year, or decades, while you could be taking action based on your values starting today. Without your commitment to your legacy, what is lost is both your positive example as a role model, who accepts personal agency, and your leadership in showing yourself what you are capable of when you live through your values.  

You don't have to plan your legacy on your own. And because this idea of designing a legcy is still new to the public consciousness, most people don't know where to start.  We're so close to our lives we can't see the themes, stories and lessons as well as what it is we REALLY want and need. The good news? There's incredible ROI when you do partner with a coach/advisor for your personal legacy, in your starting today, if you can just find the strength to be authentic to who you are really are. That's where our Legacy Planning(c) Framework can assist you. You'll find the space to discover and uncover new answers to feel excited when you wake up each day in how you can connect with your inner self and relationships, and you'll feel aligned with your purpose and contributions.
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