6 and 12 Month Advisory Session Packages for you to
Define. Develop. Execute.
Your values, your family's values and your mindset.

You always go home at night to your secure dwelling. 
Why isn't your legacy also your solid foundation?

Your Legacy is unique, one of a kind in its connection to others.  Yet when you find yourself unsupported and with unrealized dreams, you may have mixed emotions about what you are passing on.  With Legacy Planning(c)'s customized sessions designed just for you, you'll complete your legacy vision and feel freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction compared to apathy in not thinking through what could be possible.

After 6-12 months of our advisory sessions, clients complete their legacy goals in writing out their plan,
dreams are realized and clients also have fun on this personal development journey.

Your legacy involves more than your assets, a will or governance documents. It involves you.

At Legacy Planning(c), we will design your legacy as if it is our own.


The Pressure of thinking and planning your legacy

all on your own


Time and Money by

facing the blind spots

today in the root causes


Your legacy dreams

to feel freedom,

fulfillment and satisfaction

Pass On

Your positive example

and a hardcover coffee table

book for the next generation

You Can Design Your Legacy!
1. Book A Session           2. Choose a Package           3. Start Designing

Though it is an investment upfront, you will end up saving a ton of money with meaningless distractions in facing blind spots now in shifting from having no holistic legacy plan to clearly defining, developing and executing your plan with the guidance of an advisor.  

No matter your experience with the services of consultants, from none at all to having had a few coaches/advisors, our Legacy Planning(c) coaching co-creates how you will experience freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction with your goals.

A lot of people feel like legacy planning is a luxury item only the upper 1% can benefit from.  At Legacy Planning(c), we understand everyone starts somewhere and what you're really designing is bringing your family, communities and the humanity together as well as protecting what you've built.

   Discovery Session

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so you don't have to go at it alone!

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   6 Month Package

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so you execute on your legacy vision!


   12 Month Package

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to achieve fulfillment & satisfaction!