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Do you have the character to design a legacy?

Design Your Holistic
Legacy Plan

How? Retain a coach for the white (empty) space between financial planning and estate law where the conversations can be expanded to design your holistic legacy plan based on your core values.


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When you use Legacy Planning(c),
You Fulfill Your Purpose 10x.

You've heard of other people planning their legacy and perhaps wondered… who can help me? Just watching other people fulfill their dreams doesn’t grow your legacy, wealth or purpose. It’s time to incorporate Legacy Planning(c) into your personal future.

Take each step and create tangible results that will design

the foundation of your legacy.

1. Define Your Legacy:
Work with a Legacy Planning© coach to design a holistic legacy plan.


2. Develop Your Legacy:
Discover your potential, passions, and purpose that turn dysfunctional behaviors
into real world results and team building.


3. Execute Your Legacy:
When you partner with a coach and develop your legacy plan, your dreams
will be realized and you will set a leadership example.

Partner with Us To

Design a Holistic Legacy that

Meets Your True Hopes and Desires


Want to focus on your dreams and build a legacy plan

that helps you, your family and other beneficiaries?  Retain

us as Legacy Advisors to design your legacy to its fullest

potential in the next 6-12 months with trusted consultation a

phone call away.

What Does Working With A

Legacy Advisor Look Like?

Honest.  Working with Legacy Planning© is a honest. Find and retain your trusted source through us.

Knowledgeable. Unlike other advisors you’ve tried, Legacy Planning advisors provide clarity and real-life answers.  We are focused on delivering accuracy for clients so the right foundation can be built for a lasting legacy.


Consistent. After you work with a Legacy Planning© advisor, your legacy will bring in a better quality of life for the beneficiaries that mean the most to you and satisfaction 10 times over while you sleep.

What Does a Defined and Developed
Holistic Legacy Plan Look like?
If you’ve listened to our "Design Your Legacy" podcast, you got a great look at how a person's legacy can exceed the dictionary definition. Now it’s time to design one for yourself. Here’s how we work:

Ideal For:


  • "Bobo" (bourgeois + Bohemian) - Well-educated, 30-40 year-old entrepreneurs;

  • The luxury afficionado - 50+ year-old's who are ready to design a meaningful legacy in significance, contribution and impact; and ...

  • The new aristocracy - High-net-worth, 25-49 year-old's.

Option 1

Leverage a Virtual Discovery
Session to Start ...
Do you have a few ideas for your legacy and want a sounding board for these dreams? Do you know your core values to know how to align them and build off of them, for momentum Book your first Discovery Session, aka Legacy Strategy Session, to apply the Co-Active Model to building out these next stage of your life.  No matter your time zone, life circumstances or net worth, you can start framing out what's most important now to you from the comfort of your domicile (home) or office for your variety of reasons.

In this initial session, Angelina Carleton will hear what it is you would like to create so that it can be incorporated into your holistic legacy plan, as a foundational source document, as inviting you to partner for a 6 or 12 month coaching and advisory partnership for your personal development. In this first conversation, you'll discover how you define "legacy" by your vision/mission at heart, core values and a single guiding principles. When you know have your legacy plan down to one sheet of paper to start - you will leave with clarity if you would like to expand the development of your legacy further.
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Option 2

Partner With Us for a Six
Month Advisory Journey
What could six months of co-active coaching, as  much needed support for your holistic legacy, do as well as a hard cover coffee table book to pass on and share with others? Not only does your legacy journey not need to be a lonely walk, in your wisdom to take personal agency, but a hard cover coffee table book can be the first or next of its kind for your family or beneficiaries of choice. Your book can be digital or as illustrative as you would like it to be, with personal photographs or artwork, to pass on your intellectual and emotional capital. With accountability and guidance once a week in online sessions, you will see results in personal milestones as your affairs get put into order - your holistic legacy plan is both a foundation and a living document to return once a year for updating. Your legacy plan can also work in tandem to your financial, legal, and/or family governance constitution (if needed).

Option 3

Block out the next 12 Months for a Year of Transformation
Amongst the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules, some of us sit back and consider deeper, reflective questions.  What is my purpose?  Am I fully living my values?  Have I made the world a better place?  It is from this vantage point, breakthroughs happen to alter the course of one's destiny.  Check out our Thrive article written in 2013 ... and then, consider great legacies require both care and time in order to manifest in 3D in the defining, developing and executing on a plan for the first time or maintenance of a plan that is life rewarding and contributes to beneficiaries.

Become a Legacy Planning(c)


Do you have ideas that could lead to your bigger purpose but need some coaching to follow through on your passions? Do you love the idea of a legacy strategist in your corner and want to see what happens when you apply your focus to your holistic legacy? Would you like to join others who have gone before you committed to seeing their visions come to reality? Book your Discovery Session today.

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