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Your Legacy is more than wealth placements and transfers.
Design Your
Holistic Legacy Plan

How? Retain our consulting services to co-create your
legacy plan here and now to experience broad wealth.


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Legacy Planning© is a consulting and advisory firm that specializes in coaching HNW entrepreneurs and Next Gen family members around defining, developing and executing their legacy. We understand your life is busy, filled with pressure (both publicly and privately), and a coach that can hold space for your inner growth and resourcefulness no matter the challenges. A coach can hold you accountable to your unique goals, guiding principles and core values so you can stay true to your vision. From helping you define your legacy, in your words, to developing your projects and executing on your ideas, we lean into the co-active methodology for a highly personalized experience in your personal development legacy. Our consultations allow you to sort through what it is you are facing to stay in personal agency. While our firm is based in Beverly Hills, California (USA), our clients are international in their interest in designing, creating and building out their holistic legacy plans. With a foundation of trust and ongoing communication, we coach you on a weekly or bi-monthly basis through video or voice over IP platforms no matter your time zone(s) to offering you the full support you need in working through challenges as you expand your capacities and emotional (EQ) capital.


Our signature consulting and advisory services includes long term coaching because designing a legacy does not happen in one conversation. It get built out through discovering your answers, values and dreams as well as in partnerships with others. Then, one day, carrying out your legacy becomes a way of life, a lifestyle choice of integrity. As part of Legacy Planning©’s approach, we take a balanced approach to respectng both your existing and future goals as well as what’s changing in your world as you grow and evolve. We offer a six and twelve-month signature package to help you build out the foundation of your legacy plans, vision and capital for your freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Honest.  Working with Legacy Planning© includes honest feedback. We are your trusted advisors because we aren't 'yes' people.

Knowledgeable. Unlike other experts you’ve tried, Legacy Planning(c) advisors provide clarity in real time.  

We have lived some life experiences to delivering insights and wisdom for clients so the best foundation can be built for your legacy.


Consistent. During and after you work with us, your legacy plans will come to life with the side effect of better quality of living in the fulfillment of your values as well as a possible hard cover coffee table book of your life lessons for generations to come.

Although we specialize in private one on one individual as well as group coaching sessions, we also know that public word-of-mouth provides the reference points needed to open the door to a new advisory relationship. With so much attention placed on financial ROI metrics and work KPI’s, what about the ‘non-financial returns’ for the joy in your life and its relationships riches? Hear what a select number of our clients had to say and explore your first online Legacy Planning© session to start your journey for more meaning in your life against the backdrop of your career and growing investments.


Trusting in yourself and others is key in being true to how you would like to define your legacy. A coaching and consulting firm who can hear the distinctions of what matter in their client’s world ensures that the intricacies are noticed in the subtle details. To develop your legacy ideas as a leader in your life, it is fundamental that you partner with a professional coach with experience in the Co-Active methodology to see your big picture as well as how you fit into that dream.

Legacy Planning© is a leading coaching and consulting firm with in-depth experience to hear what matters to you most so you can be held accountable to it. Members of the HNW community come from both multi-generational families of wealth and 2/3’s today are self-made. We do all we can to notice the changes in today’s landscape, or baseline, in what influences your decisions – all while maintain strict confidentiality to protect what is most sensitive to you. Your intelligence, emotional or otherwise, belongs to you so you can learn the most in covering your blind spots.



As a HNW individual, you require expert advice in the best the marketplace has to offer and we are able to deliver that coaching experience. Since 2014, we have held over 1,000 online sessions as well as a retreat at Miraval Wellness Resort & Spa in Arizona, USA.  We have coached hundreds of individuals located around the world, to build their confidence and clarity around their legacy vision. Our clients also gain access to our network and niche legacy-related opportunities.

Envision Your Holistic Legacy Plan Through Coaching



Reach out today to learn how Legacy Planning(c) can assist your in your ideas and dreams. We will be delighted to organize an initial conversation to discuss your individual and family needs, in being a sounding board. If you would like our services for a retreat, compared to a signature coaching package, we will email you a tailor-made quote for our services. Contact us today by email or phone.

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