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Most people don't have a vision. Alexander the Great didn't set out to conquer the world, he just wanted to protect his city. By accomplishing this minor goal, he gained the courage to explore and increased Greece's empire. Most people have no idea how much better their life could be until they finally sit down and plan. Our coaching and advisory service offers you the guidance and truth you need to complete your personal legacy. We are by your side encouraging you so when you walk away from each session, you feel empowered as well as a sense of freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction. Our Theme/Why: Everyone deserves great coaching because your legacy is worth executing. In closing, the reason I interview each guest is because I believe they have something to offer to the conversation around legacy. Each guest shares their concepts, ideas and experiences of how they are completing their legacy. As coaches can be positive change agents for society, I intentionally asked advisors as podcast guests because they bring the best out in people.


We will accomplish your legacy's success by developing you because time is finite.

Key Characteristics

Courage, determination, long term thinking,

big picture vision, empathetic capacities and

a strong bias towards optimism.

Gradient Ocean

Critical Actions:

1) Planning for the day, month, year...;

2) Reviewing plans;

3) Creating new possibilities;

4) Updating skills & consciousness.


Over the past twenty years while working in Greater Los Angeles (California, USA), Angelina Carleton has cut her teeth dealing with various types of people and solving their specific problems. She has lived through both both years of success as well as failure.

Growing up in a military family allowed her the opportunity to travel while experiencing different cultures - allowing for a diverse knowledge and intricacies related to each culture.  Her dedication to the tasks at hand has gained her the recognition as a 2015 Los Angeles (LA Biz) Women of Influence. 

The biracial upbringing personalized the 'east meets west' dynamic, bringing it right to the kitchen table: lively structured debates taught her the skills of listening and understanding the different perspectives while entrenching the importance of persistence and tenacity.

The importance of learning and personal exploration gives Mrs. Carleton a perspective and knowing of how to relate to each client and their specific needs.  

By using her ability of in-depth listening, exploration with the client and intuition, Angelina leans on these pillars as tools to re-frame a client's goal and provide a path to their personalized legacy.

Her dedication to uncover the client’s needs/wants/desires enables her to be honest with them to provide realistic expectations.  These insights are what is desired by certain clients who are surrounded by “yes” people on a daily basis.

Angelina is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University as well as the Co-Active Coaching Institute.

Angelina is a 13th generation American on her paternal side with the arrival of English settlers who established themselves in Rowley, Massachusetts in 1638. Author on genealogy and New York attorney, Morrison DeSoto Webb, has documents the Carleton ancestry to 1066.

In 1639, the original Carleton, Edward, was one of five men chosen "to order the affairs of the town of Rowley"; he served on a committee to survey and lay out the town. In 1642, he was made a Freeman. In 1645-1648, Edward was a member of the Grand Jury and spent his time in court service. By 1648, he was made a Commissioner. His son, John Carleton, was County Recorder and County Clerk for Writs for the town of Haverhill and also Constable. Edward's grandmother, Ellen Strickland, has her roots documented back to 519-534 AD.

Her paternal grand grandfather, Herman W. Smart, was a past member of the Golden Fleece Lodge and Mount Sinai's first active Secretary between 1944-1971 in Marblehead, MA. Her other paternal great grandfather, Herbert Carleton, also held a Grand Lodge of Masons membership card in MA. She commenced her "Building You Legacy" Series on video and audio with her cousin, Karl Neville, to chat about legacy.

She serves as a mentor in the Seedstars network as well as serves on the GLEN (Global Luxury Expert Network) for the The Luxury Institute. Mrs. Carleton is listed in the "Americans Welcome Switzerland" directory for Swiss Wealth Management Services.

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