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Founding Member:

Mrs. Carleton was educated at the Pennsylvania State University (Class of 2000). 


After college, she worked in real estate within the greater Los Angeles area specific to commercial properties, land and development projects in California, Florida and Colorado.  Her first article was published in Mortgage Professional America (co-authored with Ron Wrobel).  After 2007, Mrs. Carleton provided expert witness testimony for real estate cases such as Namvar vs. DB Private Wealth Mortgage Ltd & Kelsey Street LLC, Libiano vs. Wells Fargo Banks, N.A., Walther vs. T.S.K. Japan Inc., Yniquez vs. Yniquez, etc.  In 2014, Mrs. Carleton founded the Penn State - LA Real Estate Society and then, was recognized as a "Featured Alumni" by Penn State's Smeal College of Business. 


In 2014, she went back to school for "Professional Coach Training" with a five month program, a "Professional Coach Certification" with a follow up six month program and an Executive Education Program in Boston, MA with The Co-Active Training Institute.  CTI is known as the gold standard in coach training worldwide.

During and after the six month CTI certification, she received structured feedback and guidance from CTI trained coaches Leslie Lupinsky and Ken Oakley, Eric Kohner, Ken Mossman, David Wikander and Cynthia Loy Darst.


In 2015, Mrs. Carleton was recognized for her legacy planning work with a local publication, L.A. Biz Women of Influence.  In 2018, a second article was published in Alliance Magazine's philanthropy blog.  Today, she advises clients in a coaching capacity around their personal transformation to build their legacy.   


In the inner work of personal development, Mrs. Carleton completed the PAX curriculum in 2002-2004; Pax means peace in Latin.  She attended multiple workshops, seminars and events with Tony Robbins and received business coaching from Charles Zook, MBA in 2007-2009.  She is married to a Canadian and wed in Dorchester, Ontario.

Her core values include justice, aesthetics, creativity, order and structure, minimalism, kindness, connection, honesty and positivity.


Mrs. Carleton is a 13th generation American with her paternal family origins stemming from  English settlers  who arrived in New England to establish themselves in Rowley MA; the year was 1638.  Rowley, Massachusetts is located about 60 miles north of the original settlement at Plymouth, MA in the year of 1620.  Author on genealogy and New York lawyer, Morrison DeSoto Webb, has documented the Carleton ancestry to 1638 in America as well as to the year 1066 in England to William the Conquerer.  William and his wife Matilda were descendants from Charlemagne in France.

In 1639, Edward Carleton was one of five men chosen "to order the affairs of the town of Rowley" and served on a committee to survey and lay out the town.  In 1642, he was made a Freeman.  In 1645-1648, he was a member of the Grand Jury and spent his time in court service.  By 1648, he was made a Commissioner.  His son, John Carleton, was County Recorder and County Clerk for Writs for the town of Haverhill, and also Constable.  Edward Carleton's grandmother was Ellen Strickland with her roots traced back to 519-534.

Her paternal great grandfather, Herman W. Smart, was a Past Master of the Golden Fleece Lodge and Mount Sinai's first active Secretary between 1944-1971 in Marblehead, Massachusetts.  Her other paternal great grandfather, Herbert M. Carleton, also held a Grand Lodge of Masons membership card in Massachusetts.