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If you would like to find clarity in order to develop your legacy ideas, vision and plan starting today in a proactive investment in yourself? Your 'why' could be specific beneficiaries, whether that is your family or society. Can you imagine your legacy manifested in the asset of your time, supported by your values and guiding principle? It's time to learn how by our framework and I will walk you through what I have learned in over 1,000 sessions since 2014.

Even if many opportunities and people require your attention, with your phone ringing off the hook, you’ve got to work ON your legacy sooner than later - no matter your life stage or net worth as money can't buy some things. So whether you are building your meaningful legacy for the first time or re-building it after a series of storms, execution will bring peace of mind, fulfillment and satisfaction. But when will you set aside the time to plan and who is on your support system to help you to the finish line in personal agency in this area?⁠

When your calendar is chock full of meetings, in the momentum of your life, you may not be able to focus on the deeper dreams of what you really want to do and make possible with your legacy because of day to day appointments. ⁠A typical catch-22 situation for any entrepreneur, investor or HNW individual.⁠ But flexibility is key to start taking action now to design your legacy an hour a week or an afternoon a weekend - it is worth the completion!

In this online course, to be enjoyed when you are ready to log on, you’ll receive our step by step framework that walks you what's important so you can start a little each day and week. Yes, you can finally write out or update your plan whether it takes the form of governance documents, a family constitution, part of a will, and other timely literature that can include your life philosophy, vision, values and how you would like to project those values into the future. Why not plan for 3 to 5 generations forward in emotional, intellectual and human capital intelligence ("Wealth From Knowledge" as our slogan/motto). Imagine gifting your next generation with a hard cover coffee table book of your best life and business lessons as an anchor?⁠ P
re-order today by email:ing us at and let us know of a specific need! 🔗⁠

*There are some Masterminds that cost $12,000 for 4 days or weekend retreats that start at $100,000 but this can be done from the comfort of your home on your schedule when you are ready.

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