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If you would like to develop the idea of you (and/or the idea of your entrepreneurial family in the context of your family business), supported by your values and guiding principles, it's time to design your holistic legacy with the care it needs to succeed.  Even if many opportunities and people require your attention, you’ve got to work ON your legacy sooner than later - no matter your life stage or net worth as you are building or re-building your life's assets to pass on. But when will you set aside the time to plan and who is on your advisory council to help you specifically with this goal?⁠

When your calendar is chock full of meetings, in the momentum of your life, you may not be able to focus on the development or execution of your legacy plan because of day to day appointments. ⁠A typical catch-22 situation for any busy entrepreneur, investor or family office executive.⁠ But flexibility is key to start taking action now to design your holistic legacy worth preserving!

In this online course, to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home or office, you’ll receive our 6-step framework to walk you through how you can start designing your legacy plan. You can finally write out or update your governance model, will, or other documentation in your own words in what's important in the intangibles, tangibles and knowledge as well as passing on your best lessons in influence.⁠

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Price: $4,997 USD

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Module 1: Desired Outcomes

1. Experience transforming your emotions into words around recognizing the legacy you would like to create (design) and pass on - naming and understanding the values (core or aspirational) in your emotional experience and human vision.

2. Develop your legacy plan in relational ways.

3. Acknowledge and positively respond to the reactions of others in "cultivating relationships" or drawing boundaries in order to make  space for better friendships and business alliances.

4. Support you in working with your goals so you execute your plan, with accountability and "process coaching".
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