If you want your legacy to succeed, you’ve got to work ON your plan sooner than later - especially as you are building your life and business. But when do you set aside the time to plan and who is in your corner to help you?⁠

When your calendar is chock full of meetings and appointments, you may not be able to focus on the development of your legacy plan because of day to day distractions. ⁠

A typical catch-22 situation.⁠

But flexibility is the key to success. In my first online course, "Designing A Legacy", you’ll get a proven 6-step framework (on Teachable.com) so you can start designing your legacy and keep track of your progress. You can finally return to your priorities and passions!⁠  This course has been eight (8) years in the making.

Pre-order now by emailing us at info@angelinacarleton.com or find the future course on Teachable.com! 🔗⁠