What If Your Last Name Is Bigger Than Your First Name?

Abercrombie & Fitch, Baskin Robbins, Chrysler, Coles, Fisher-Price, Harley-Davidson, Hennessey, Hilton, Honda, House of Gucci, Kraft (Foods), Loews (Cineplex Entertainment), McDonald's, Marriott, Maybach, Nordstrom, Pillsbury, Porsche, Proctor & Gamble, Rolls Royce (Charles Rolls and Henry Royce), Turner Broadcasting (Ted Turner), Versace, Walgreens, Welch's (grape juice), Wells Fargo (Henry Wells and William Fargo), Wrigley's, etc.

If you had to fill in the following sentence, what would you write or say for clarity's sake?:

What's In A Last Name?

What my name will mean when I leave: ________________________________.

As your Legacy Planner, I will volunteer my obituary answer of "determination and persistence seeking justice and truth".

What if your strength could come from your name, for any of the obstacles that lay ahead?

What if you defined your legacy in language that both inspired you as well as anyone looking on?

How would you develop your name if you were to pretend for a moment you are the best screenwriter, director or producer in Hollywood, with all the twists and turns of a good movie?

One thing I state to my clients is "what apathy is doing to your legacy is just not right".

What if you valued what only you can bring so deeply that your leadership and certainty changed not only the meaning of your name, but history as well?

If there are curses that need to be broken, generational or otherwise, what if today is the day to face what you may not have created but what you can make right? In the history of your family, what does your name stand for and mean?

When how we spend our time is a great equalizer, each day is another opportunity to make your mark or footprint with your contribution in creating something to live on? How consciously will you be about the legacy you leave behind, intentional or apathetic?

I was handed a life built on education from my forefathers, back to 1066, and a work ethic by their example to open doors when they arrived on the shores of America in the 1600's. Thus, what is 5 minutes each morning to visit and revisit my legacy?

When you build your vision and foundation now, you will experience it later whether that is in six months or decades later.

Every "now moment" has a ripple effect at some point in the future. I wish to say it 3 times.

How are you building your legacy?

How will you help others win in your finishing strong with profound impact and greatness?

I started in a good place and was raised in love. I carry this with me when facing challenges today.

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