Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Darci Lynne struggled with shyness at age ten. Stuck in this emotional fear but imaginative, she designed a cure for her "SHYNESS" using her attributes and available resources: "her voice", some help from Mom, "the puppets" and then, at age twelve, she wins AMERICA'S GOT TALENT.


According to Accenture, there is $30 trillion in financial and non financial assets expected to transfer in the next 40 years in N. America alone. Female succession is now a hot topic. As women leaders (aka daughters) come forward of all ages, they will take on their family's business and will have to overcome their fears.

Darci Lynn had 11.7 million households watching her on a public stage. New wealthy female business women may or may not be required to step onto a public stage, but they will be tasked with the responsibility to manage funds in excess of $11.7M from their family business. And they will find themselves face to face with their competitors on the business stage.

It took Darci two years of training before she won the competition. The world watched Darci and the world will watch as the next generation of women come forward with a different mindset from their predecessors. How will they keep pace, grow, overcome frustrations and manage resources?

Ladies are now stepping forward to take charge of their family's business, from Allegra Antinori and sisters Alessia and Albiera of Italy's 26 generation wine dynasty Marchesi Antinori to Lydia Forte, hotel heiress of Rocco Forte Hotels. But what training is in place for today's global female successors? There is an upsurge in women inheriting ownership and management roles.

Leadership Training and Support

There is concern today related to leadership skills, stability and advisors who can guide and who are "in-touch" with what is relevant to counsel this niche. One good historic reference is how the Rothschild family utilized internal training, regular meetings to maintain communication and their own internal family banking system.

When I advise young female leaders in weekly coaching sessions, I am both impressed and surprised by their mindset. I am impressed by how aware and bright they are by watching other's examples around them. They are fully awake in observing other's behavior around what is fair and sensible. They question tradition and the status quo.

These educated lady managers are also incredibly adaptive and can make a decision in a split second. They want change quickly. They also want training in new skills.

They can also laugh, have fun and don't take themselves too seriously. They appear to manage stress better by their lightheartedness.

So what leadership skills are needed for the female powerhouses to survive and thrive? I believe they need to be entrepreneurs and take charge, become the leader of their company as well as the owner. The new business model may not look like the old model. In other words, an entrepreneurial attitude is required for an ever changing business model and infrastructure.

About 22 minutes into the video, Darci sings a song from the 1950's. Does she out sing the world famous man on the stage in friendly competition? Did she surpass him in two years in what took him a lifetime to achieve? What fundamentals did she master? Did she put her time in? Her reward is her success.

With President Trump's trade deals no longer subsidizing monopolies, Amazon and FedEx may not be in place five years from now. A new paradigm may emerge that leaves the old consciousness behind of what we believed was true. Tomorrow's female leader may need to reorganize their business model to maintain their advantage.

A farmer or rancher knows how to run the operations, knows the infrastructure from point A to Z and knows how to train others in every aspect. Similarly, Darci Lynn had a voice and a brain and she designed a remedy to overcome her fears. Not only did she accomplish this but she also brought new life to a forgotten art called ventriloquism.

The female leaders of the next generation will need self reliance for tomorrow's entrepreneurial opportunities. Darci Lynn's show may be an act on the surface but she committed two years of her life to that mastery. And she exceeded all expectations.


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