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A Remote Work Wellness Cheat Sheet and Your Legacy

If working from home has taken a toll on your physical and mental health, you can start immediately to improve your well-being. Implement any or all of these seven simple tips to start working smarter and living better. When you do, you will not only be developing a more holistic lifestyle, you will also be designing your legacy in the foundational building blocks.

Schedule an Invigorating Morning Routine

If you've fallen into the habit of rushing to clock in on time, wake up earlier to give yourself at least a half-hour to start your day right. Avoid checking emails and text messages or reading the news first thing in the morning. Opt to begin your day with some inspirational reading or meditative musing to put yourself in the correct mind frame. Mentally checking in with yourself and expressing gratitude for life makes the day a success before it begins. Or consider listening to a podcast while you make and eat your breakfast to feed your imagination.

Start Eating Clean

The freedom of working from home brings open access to junk food and sugary drinks. Though quick and convenient, you will pay the price later given the sugar and chemical ingredients for processing. Put healthy snacks on the grocery list in place of empty calories. Even though nutritious food may cost more at the register, preventing illness and long-term diseases like hypertension and diabetes is less expensive in the long run. Fresh fruits and vegetables will also allow you to think clearer, without the fog of confusion.

Add More Physical Activity to Your Day

Fighting a sedentary lifestyle is a constant modern battle. Set an alarm to stand and stretch at least every half-hour. Using a standing desk part of the day or purchasing a height-adjustable desk helps you stay productive while alternating between sitting and getting on your feet. Schedule a 20-minute walk during lunch to get your blood flowing, which has the benefit of stimulating creativity and thinking. It's in these moments of your decisions that your life's legacy is designed, compared to created by apathy or default.

Enhance Your Home Office Space

Make your workspace as stress-free as possible by de-cluttering and improving your organizational system. Devise a plan that lets you arrange everything in a tidy and accessible fashion in a day or two. You could purchase extra containers and a filing cabinet to put away unsightly loose papers. Consider sweeping your desk clean and starting fresh daily, putting only essential items you use regularly and storing occasional supplies in another spot. The less clutter, the more wealth and good fortune can be drawn your way according to feng shui.

Slow and outdated technology can cause immense frustration. A recent survey concluded that obsolete tech drains away billions of dollars yearly. Calculate what your time is worth and find the actual cost of hours spent waiting on, repairing, and learning complicated programs. Invest in software that integrates with your entire process, such as order management software that simplifies and automates e-commerce. Some might say that updating to the latest technology options is an expense, but the missed opportunity cost is actually more expensive.

Enjoy Los Angeles

Need a vacation? Los Angeles is a vibrant city with something for everyone. From world-class museums and theaters to outdoor activities and scenic neighborhoods, there is always something to enjoy. For those who love the arts, a visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is a must. History buffs will want to explore Olvera Street, the site of the city's first Spanish settlement. Today, Olvera Street is a lively marketplace full of Mexican restaurants and shops selling traditional handmade goods. Nature lovers can escape the hustle and bustle of the city at Griffith Park, which offers hiking trails, horseback riding, and stunning views of downtown Los Angeles. Another idea is taking in a Dodgers game if you’re a sports fan. Research ticket prices for the Dodgers and check out virtual seat views so you know you’re purchasing seats with great sight lines. Designing your days and nights to be fun can also honor your values of enjoying your life, connecting with the goodness here and keeping a growth mindset through travel.

Find Supportive People

Search for communities of fellow remote professionals. Join online groups where you can swap tips and find accountability partners for your health and lifestyle goals. Friends are possible, especially ones with shared values, if you keep looking and don't give up just because of a few bad apples.

If need be, try virtual therapy if you're inundated with stress and anxiety. By going virtual, you have a wider variety of licensed professionals to work with. Many therapists gladly provide a complimentary consultation, which lets you determine if the services are a good fit. Online counseling also has advantages over in-person visits, such as:

• Convenience

• No travel time

• Greater security and privacy

• Lower cost for sessions

Create a Shutdown Routine

Know when to cut off for work and set the hour in stone. Relax and leave worries for the next day by implementing a ritual that signals the end of the working period. Bedtime should be separated entirely from business in a cool bedroom with minimal electronics, no clutter and neutral colors. Consider leaving the phone in another room and using a device with no company notifications. Blue light is one of the seven deadly disruptors in that it causes our body to think its daylight every time we look at a screen and the result is our gut biome will store fat and seek out more calories. Thus, be willing to detach from your electronic devices.

Remote work brings many benefits but adds unique challenges, unless we can see and work through the blind spots. But the good news is that when you are willing to adopt these quick and easy tips to boost your wellness and become a healthier and happier entrepreneur or investor, you will also be setting yourself up for success in designing a legacy you can be proud of.

If you think a legacy is out of your reach, just remember that the idea of working remotely ten years ago was unheard of. Yet, today it is becoming more common just as two-third's of today's affluent are self made and taking on the idea of their personal legacy. If you are still overwhelmed or need support, consider booking an online coaching and advisory session with Legacy Planning(c). You can start where you are at and then, begin to define, develop and execute a legacy unique to your values, dreams and life's experiences and in embracing the positive role model you can be your family, community and professional associates. Time to take personal agency over your work and your life's legacy!

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