3 Proven Strategies To Build Out Your Legacy Capstone

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

What are a few technique to start or continue your momentum when we feel like an airplane taking off against the forces of wind, gravity and everything else?

Here are a few tips:

1. Write and record it for others.

We do more for others than ourselves ... who ever 'them' is for you: family, the next generations, a niche who could benefit from your knowledge and insights but may not have the guide to help them in their commitment and fortitude.

By writing it down, we can look back and see our milestones ... even if it is the top 3 each month. When we share this with others, the foundation to our legacy is strengthened.

When this best practice becomes a daily or weekly habit, both the mental and physical act become easier. For instance, how did your actions line up with your values? Are you proud of your recent business decisions? What did you learn that surprised you?

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2. Surround yourself with people you can trust.

I didn't say surround yourself with 'the best', because 'the best' may leave you with a better offer or ally when it serves their interests.

Find people who will do the hard work in their due diligence, in finding out the truth for themselves, and have their priorities in the right order.

If you find and spend time with others who have shared values, ask them to connect more often in your being a social leader. When it feels safe, share your legacy dreams ... the thing you are building and see if there can be a synergy or alliance. Ask them about their legacy vision.

3. Protect your resource of time.

Intentionally leveraging the calendar through your day planner.

Each hour, each day, each week: know why you are giving your time to this person or activity.

If you can keep a notebook outlining each meeting, what are your three intentions before having that conversation, watching that webinar, or carrying out that task?

People will want a piece of your energy and problem solving ability but you need to also build out your boundaries to stay centered and clear.

My call to action to you, dear reader, is to find at least one person in your network who can accept you unconditionally - even if for the sake of your sanity. Then, add quality time with them to your schedule.

If these three steps seem like a good idea but you are still unsure of where to begin, consider retaining a coach to help guide you. An ally in your corner. On your side. An ally who understands what it is to walk in your shoes.

If 1 in 22,000 people have a coach, it is still a new concept for many individuals but there is still tremendous value.

Interview at least 3 coaches who can hold you accountable to your personal vision - and the building out of your foundation.

We are all more than our work titles, value or worth beyond any company's balance sheet, sales goals or, ability to be defined or accepted by any outside authority.

Your legacy journey can feel more meaningful and connected with a few small changes.


Most leaders receive enormous support in growing their professional goals, while they have little to no support to grow their bigger vision or dreams. At Legacy Planning, we guide clients for 12 months to move them from concept to completion. When clients retain us, we increase their wealth by aligning their values & developing their focus so their legacy becomes a reality.

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