3 Proven Techniques To Build Out Your Legacy Capstone

What are a few technique to start or continue our momentum when we feel like an airplane taking off against the forces of wind, gravity and everything else? Here are a few clues:

1. We do more for others than ourselves. Write and record it for them... who ever 'them' is: family, the next generations, who are at a loss for tools or knowledge but have the commitment and fortitude;

2. Surround yourself with people you can trust. I didn't say 'the best' because 'the best' may leave with a better offer if there is not a strong enough bond or a shared vision. If you trust kind people, then find them and ask them to join your movement, your dream, the thing you are building with what you can bring and what they can add.

3. Protect the resource of time with intentionally leveraging your calendar/day planner. Each hour, each day, each week: know why you are giving your time to this person or activity. If you can keep a notebook outlining each meeting, what are your three intentions before having that conversation, watching that webinar, or carrying out that task? People will want a piece of your energy and mental head space but you need to also build out your boundaries to stay centered and clear.

My call to action to you, dear reader, is to find at least one person in your world who can accept you unconditionally - even if for the sake of your sanity. And then, interview at least three coaches who can hold you accountable to your personal vision - we are more than our work titles, company's balance sheet, sales goals or ability to be defined or accepted by any social or professional group.Then, this life journey may feel more meaningful and connected.




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