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Dear Legacy Friend,

Have you ever wanted to design a holistic legacy but are not sure who to turn to for advice on how to frame it out or where to begin? You know you would like to get your estate in order, but have yet to find the right experts who specialize in this area.

Yes, it's true, your holistic legacy plan needs you: your vision, mission, best life lessons, intentions, etc.  And if you have yet to grow your inner landscape, or your inner self, in your individuality, you have come to the right place.


The solution? Start with defining your guiding principles unique to you and your life.  Knowing and then staying accountable to these principles can keep you centered for more energy and focus no matter the obstacles or negative people around you.  So let's explore and write out your guiding principles!

[There’s a lifelong benefit to writing the principles out and this clarity plays an important role in both developing and executing your holistic legacy planning. When you find yourself under group peer pressure or unsupported in your ideas, knowing these principles that reconnect you with yourself and pay dividends in returns (ROI).  The ROI comes from these guiding principles being and becoming your North Star!

Enclosed is this editable one-page worksheet to print out for your estate plan, our first coaching and advisory session or office in getting your legacy affairs in order.  The first steps are the first steps and today is a great day to start! 


If you would like some coaching around your guiding principles and/or the design of your legacy plan framework, reach out to us. The image to the right can be found on Instagram.

Your legacy advisor,

Angelina Carleton

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