Dear Legacy Achiever,

The pain point? The disappointment that can come from the resistance of those who claim they will help (such as associates, family, friends, politicians, etc) and then, you find yourself thrown off by their lack of honesty and cooperation.

Or loss of intergrity in a moment when you find yourself without courage because the "inner work" has yet to be done around your guiding principles. 


The solution? Knowing and then staying accountable to your principles so you can get centered for more energy and focus. So let's define, develop and execute your guiding principles!

[There’s a lifelong benefit to writing them out and this clarity plays an important role in both developing and executing your legacy. When they find yourself under group peer pressure or disconnected, knowing the statement that drive you pay dividends in returns (ROI). 

Email me for the 30 page e-book so that you will fill out this editable one-page worksheet to print out for your planner, home or office in getting your legacy planning organized in the first steps. 


If you would like coaching around your guiding principles and/or the design of your legacy plan, reach out when you are ready. The image to the right can be found on Instagram.