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Words have power.  First, on our own psyches when we are not aware and second, on the ripple effect we may have on others. 


Think of words as tiny magnets for a moment that get attached to our auric energy field.  Everywhere we go, the energy of our words and the words of others follow us and shape our decisions.

Many of us would not be willing to turn on a recording device for a week to hear what we say and how we sound.  The words we choose can have a great impact.  We hold onto our receipts for taxes but, we seldom keep track of what we say or how we say it.

We may be deaf to everything we vocalize.  There is no MBA class that requires us to reflect on the words we use.  From sunrise to sunset, we may just roll through another day without caring what phrases we repeat. 


The ego, as it pertains to status, is conditioned to express value for fine art as well as luxury cars, jets, yachts, but this does not guarantee that we will speak good to ourselves.  If we are honest with ourselves, we may just be actors cheating and hiding behind a mask.  

What mottos or second hand questions drive our daily focus?  Our words alone can build either a spider web to entrap us just as we alone can build a metaphorical elevator to uplift our imagination to our highest potential.  In the relationship with our self, we may settle and not even realize it. 

One obstacle may have to do with “worthiness” and how worthy do we really feel after our mask is removed?  What affirmations are in place to support a mindset around worthiness?  Have we even looked at our own opinions yet, beyond what opinions have been given to us, to shape us?  Notice how uncomfortable people can get when confronted by their own opinions about their experiences, as if the status quo cannot be rocked.  And yet, where do we go to develop our own internal landscape, changing it into a lush garden?

In the wheel of life, we can be fantastic in one area and yet, ignore our other areas of life.  How we treat ourselves (without our masks) can lead to quality of life, fulfillment as well as a feeling that we are in control.  There is so much we cannot control outside of ourselves, but one thing we can control is how we speak to ourselves on the inside.  This is a starting point to being honest.

​How we talk to ourselves privately needs to be more important than our net worth.  I have had clients disclose that in social and professional circles, and including family members, people value them solely based on their financial status.  What a lonely, isolating place to have this benchmark.  And yet, what is your definition of fitting in? 

Many professionals work 40-70 hours a week to keep this image, even if they have yet to hear the voice in their head that counters someone else’s plan for their life.  Our internal conversation drives tomorrow’s decision.  Until we realize the power of our own words we speak, we can find ourselves settling.   

Are you working long hours to build a personal dream or vision?  Then choose your internal words to be in alliance with your values.  Perhaps your words are carefully selected in a conscious effort, vetting with intention compared to reactions or by accident. 

How much more important is it to our internal world by inviting those worthy, to experience what is important to us?  What experiences and culture do you bring to your life’s legacy?  What if you created your own lane as a visionary? 


​Then, encourage others to use words fully and without emptiness.  Today, with technology, this ripple effect can be magnified for good, for shared community and for consciousness.