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The Offer

I am reminded of a tuning fork.  When the pitch is right, sounds of magic can now begin.  While Legacy Planning does not advise on pitch perfect sounds, we do specialize in coaching individuals in their aspirations, vision creation and awareness of how they will impact future generations.  We offer weekly advisory calls, group consulting as well as event training specific to your specific legacy 10, 20 and 30 years in planning.

Our weekly conversations support clients through tools such as reframing, perspective, an open space for a sounding board to hear insights and "co-active" coaching .  Goals can include a "moving towards" peace, happiness, abundance and a "moving away" from compounded stressors and tension.  In fact, the meetings themselves become a part of your legacy.

Retaining an advisor to handle the "softer side of legacy planning" creates both a commitment to your future but also more freedom for choice in the brainstorming process and increased awareness in what is included.  When time is dedicated to seeing multiple perspectives, a client moves from a feeling of loneliness to that of relief, peace, certainty and a leveraging of all assets in this place of strength.  In fact, clients over the age of 50 talk of the concept of being able to "rest in peace" regarding their legacy decisions.

For an introductory conversation, I ask the following:

1. What were the legacies of past generations in your family?

2. What do you envision for yourself as of today?

3. What would you like for your or the future generations?

4. Why are you doing this? (the power of why in motivation)

5. How do you build your mental muscle today?

6. What is the meaning of your legacy in relationship to your values?

7. How present are you right now to match the ideal to the lifestyle? 

Many times, individuals can feel the weight of the world on their shoulders - many moving parts without a conductor to see and hear the nuances.   

I look forward to extending support and guidance to high caliber NXTGEN individuals who are committed to their life's legacy and manifesting positive results.