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Legacy Partnership - 12 months

Experience Your Wealth

  • 10 hr
  • $5,000/month
  • West Olympic Boulevard

Service Description

How do you inspire partnerships to make your legacy plan a reality? If you're concerned that your legacy vision could be 'too much', or a threat in what your time, attention and resources could be taking away from others, how often then would you share your legacy vision with others? What presumptions are you making about others ... or in taking people at just face value? Since most of us avoid vulnerable or difficult conversations (just in case there are emotional triggers that may or may not have anything to do with us), we stop at the starting line in exploring and getting curious enough to check in if there's depth or cooperation for more. But when and with you holding yourself back, you may also be inadvertently not giving permission to others around their own legacy vision of 'what could be possible' when there is clarity and partnership. What is it to express your legacy ideas, dreams and plans? What is it to receive support of any kind from others for your legacy vision, especially those whom are supposed to matter the most? If you're ready to personally develop to honor and design your holistic legacy, by your own one of a kind (bespoke) intangibles, for deeper connections with your existing and expanding circle in your world, join Angelina over 12 months once a week to begin speaking, writing and communicating your legacy for more and deeper partnerships. In making the ordinary extraordinary, Angelina's Team - This 12-month commitment is ideal for family members of affluence that want to create or sustain a legacy of shared values to steward, in both the direction of the family and/or the wealth in public and private needs. Imagine partnership around money, a shared legacy, a long term vision re: your and other's roles and any other topics such as 'equal vs. fair'. Entrepreneurs and founders are driven oftentimes by legacy. Yet, the skills to build wealth are different than building partnership in emotional intelligence and governance. Do you know your legacy's mission and vision statements, motto, and guiding principles - do others? Have you started your hard cover coffee table yet to accompany your service to others? How do you navigated partnership when there's entitlement in yourself or the other party? How real is partnership when there are hidden strings attached to promises? How do you deal with power dynamics in partnership? Your legacy plan is more than documents, it's the ROI of trust as one metric of partnerships.

Contact Details

  • 9190 West Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, USA


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