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Holistic Legacy School - 12 months

Wealth From Knowledge

  • 99 hours
  • 82,000 US dollars
  • West Olympic Boulevard

Service Description

What if you are in a family of affluence and you want to create or sustain a legacy of shared values as the foundation to the resources you steward. How do you develop that family legacy for the consensus, or agreement, around the direction of your wealth as well as your private and public needs (i.e. philanthropy)? Culturally speaking and in past generations, it may not have been common for your family to talk about such subjects as money, wealth, legacy planning, long term visions, or any other taboo topic. Entrepreneurial families, whether they are a family business or when one member gains financial returns, find themselves with a growth opportunity as well as new challenges to create unity. Perhaps this cohesion is needed because of living under pressure to maintain appearances, scrutiny from outside sources, not wanting to have any member go astray with a mindset of entitlement or not developing themselves fully under the wish list of parents or grandparent’s expectations in hidden strings attached. Just because new doors open does not always mean that each member of the family is ready for the social, professional or power dynamics that can come with success. No wonder so many people are afraid of both success and failure! The internal struggles carry as much weight regarding the desire to be seen, heard and understood compared to invisible or viewed through the lens of your success. At the same time, you find yourself expected to perform under pressure, constant expectations, regarding high standards. You want to measure up, be excellent, and rise to each occasion. You can feel overwhelmed and like the world is on your shoulders to have or find the answers, yet you don’t have the framework, guidance or enough honest conversations to know the next best steps or moves to take the right actions. Again, what lack of knowledge is doing to you, and your family’s legacy, is just not right. At Legacy Planning©, we lean into the co-active methodology so as to collaborate on designing your legacy and your family’s legacy where there is full buy-in, all members feel comfortable and all issues (needs and wants) are addressed … even those topics that you never knew existed! In preparation, discuss these matters in advance – including but not limited to – your mission statement, vision, motto, guiding principles, etc. Don't wait until it is too late! The returns (ROI) are exponential in your relationships and the building of trust.

Contact Details

  • 9190 West Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, USA


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