Envisioning Your Legacy - 6 Months

Personalized advisory sessions to assist you with the design, development and execution.

  • 50 hours
  • 50,000 US dollars
  • West Olympic Boulevard

Service Description

Our ideal client is an owner, investor or entrepreneur worth between $5m-$100m who is interested in creating a personal legacy beyond their assets and financial portfolio. We cover three (3) areas in a daily accountability checklist/worksheet as well as weekly advisory sessions (2 hours) over 26 weeks leaning into the co-active methodology: We incorporate tools such balance, fulfillment and process coaching tools to help you define, develop and execute your legacy plan that will serve as your foundational framework going forward. We advise on: 1.) Defining your personal legacy that incorporates your principles and what is most important in a bigger vision that serves both your values and others in service; how will your legacy bring more freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction to you now and later?; 2.) Developing your legacy plan step by step through weekly online sessions for a consistent and rigorous reflection to garner insights in your personal development - are you lead by fear based decisions, ego or by your core values in the walk matching the talk? 3.) Executing your ideas and goals on a weekly basis where we review and take an inventory because good intentions aren't enough. We start with your beliefs around the status quo and money and then, how you were conditioned in your past if you need to break "pattern". We get curious about the ways you would like to contribute and to whom. Perhaps that is in addressing the many problems in the world or those less fortunate who lack the resources to move ahead? What are your beliefs around taking risks, even around the complex topic of worth, when others are watching in both good and critical ways? Just as a mapmaker can metaphorically begin with existing beliefs, our weekly sessions bring new awareness as to your next steps in venturing forward. What adventures are you ready to take on and who would you like to invite on your journey of intentional legacy creation? While maps may be fixed in terms of geography, we can also be mapmakers with your life's legacy as in crafting future goals, family culture, relational dynamics, and what you would like to give to others. A trusted advisor is your holistic guide for encouragement, articulation of honest feedback as well as accountability. Don't wait, the time is now to commit and achieve your best legacy!

Contact Details

  • 9190 West Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, USA