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Build Your Holistic Legacy in 6 Months

Define, Develop and Execute!

  • 50 hr
  • 50,000 US dollars
  • West Olympic Boulevard

Service Description

This signature advisory package encompasses 6 months of personalized coaching to experience real results through online sessions over Zoom, WhatsApp or your platform of choice. Month 1: Defining Your Intangibles What would you like to manifest? What are the obstacles you face, internal and external? Let's clarify your purpose and values on one page to look at each day. Where do you compromise? Who tells you your blind spots, now and as you grow? We will write down your 1, 3, and 5 year goals as starting points as well as your eulogy - in backwards planning in time management. Month 2: Develop Your Legacy In exploring life and decisions beyond your comfort zone, this is where it gets fun. In addition to identifying your passions and interests, and how you want to make a difference in the world, we will take the next steps in your new list of goals in what you want your legacy to be. Month 3: Developing Your Next Milestones We will work together to hold you accountable to not just your goals and values, but your guiding principle. We now have a vision for your legacy, identifying the steps you need to take to achieve this each week - we will use fulfillment as a metric, or KPI, as feedback. Month 4: Building Your Support Network Who is in your support network and who would you like to add? This will include identifying the people and resources you need to achieve your goals, to add them to your plan for how you will connect with them. We will also explore any fears or obstacles that may be preventing you from building or rebuilding your support network. Month 5: Consistent Action to See Progress We will focus on accountability and execution. This will include implementing your plan, tracking your progress to see the results, and making adjustments as needed. What's coming up for you internally as you grow and how is your world responding? Month 6: Reflection and Integration Who are you today, compared to when you started? This will include reflecting on your progress, celebrating your successes, and identifying any areas for further growth. We will also explore strategies for integrating your holistic legacy plan into your family, whether extended or immediate, and maintaining your progress over the long term. Throughout the six months, you will also receive coaching on developing your emotional intelligence and soft skills, such as self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication, to support you in your journey. Human skills matter.

Contact Details

  • 9190 West Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, USA


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