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Company Background:


Legacy Planning began as an idea in 2012 and then, launched in 2014.  In 2015, we held our first conference at a wellness retreat and went on to offer one on one coaching and advisory services to individuals in N. America, Europe and the Middle East.  Between 2015 to 2018, client profiles included owners, investors, former attorneys, entrepreneurs and as of 2018 to today, clients now include millennials in a corporate management role. 

The Impressum:

You deserve your legacy, invest in coaching today. 


The Business Promise:

My client is someone who believes their life deserves a legacy but they lack the clarity or confidence to execute it to the finish line.

The "Why" Behind Legacy Planning:

  1. To be in service to others;

  2. The world needs more people who can do the right thing; if that’s you and you want to make a positive difference, you could be a role model.

  3. To inspire other individuals to reach for their dreams, aspirations and goals;

  4. To alleviate emotional pain when there is a lack of encouraging support in mirroring;

  5. To offer others a space of freedom that comes from the alignment of doing the work that you want to do, feel comfortable doing and the work that honors your core values;

  6. To show others the value in them when associates or peers cannot or will not through positive mirroring;

  7. To be a safe space where another can reflect and organize their thoughts, feelings, priorities and the meaning they place on events in the external environment, people’s feedback and behavior or internal decisions;

  8. To serve as an example of a leader with a backbone who is willing to share what I see and notice simply in communication so that another person does not have to stay trapped in a holding pattern because they cannot read the tea leaves.  Leadership may not appear as a Hollywood version in a flying superhero role, leadership can be a daily choice and appear as ordinary and down to earth such as the term “regular people”;

  9. To ensure the courageous individuals do not fall through the cracks through the criticism or cowardice of others,

  10. To show up for others to help them grow;

  11. To help clients achieve their goals on a weekly basis;

  12. To have a positive energetic imprint;

  13. To be a and encourage other visual story tellers;

  14. To support human-based technology driven by human intelligence for the benefit of humans. Technology has advanced faster than humans have developed in morality;

  15. To close gap between the “now” and a client’s highest potential;

  16. To tell the client that things they do not want to hear and to see the things they do not want to see so they can become the person they need to be;

  17. To have clients lead by example … no matter how lonely the path can be in braving the wind;

  18. To ease the pressure for clients whose time is limited by the stress that can be compared to a pressure cooker;

  19. To inspire and guide courageous minded people; 

  20. To have clients see the correlation of their decisions to their values; 

  21. In the value of justice, to end unnecessary pain for those who are ready;

  22. To re orientate another individual’s perspective to give them a sense of hope for the future, in something to aspire to, compared to being fearful about the future (in the continuing evolution of humanity) in their world perspective;

  23. To hold a space for clients that they can be destined for the stars in the sense of dreaming big through collaboration compared to competition in an abundance mentality;

  24. To foster a client’s imagination … as more of a driving force than education in exploring what is possible; and

  25. To have clients accept the belief that they deserve to live a life that they love.