The 2nd 30 days in a pandemic: A Post To Inspire & Connect

[A Follow Up To the April 15/19th, 2020 blog post]

The enclosed content is to lift other’s spirits so there is less of a feeling of social isolation:

1. Stuck inside is not so bad … my favorite thing to do now is to log onto Zoom four times a week for an hour to talk with my father. We converse about the details about both his life’s history as well as ten centuries of world history. I decided to record the sessions because I found the stories fascinating and I now have the time to listen to him. At age 73, he also has the patience to explain this history to his daughter. [I found history rather boring in university!] As someone who held various passports (two countries) because of his work, his knowledge about world history is vast as it is deep. While it is not his nature to create a digital video course, I wish others, such as the next generation, could witness his ability to make a complicated world history more concise. My father shared the origins of gun powder in China, and also how the bubonic plague spread via merchant ships to ports along the silk road including Europe. We next dived into the dynastic families of the Middle East. Schools today present a fragmented view of our past history and less and less is passed on.

2. I am reading a book by Donald Miller called “Marketing Made Simple”. Then, I purchased a MacBook Pro and my hubby bought me an iPhone to better improve the quality of my marketing.

3. What do I miss? I miss feeling like I did in the 1980’s when gas prices were $1.00 a gallon and the sense of freedom that felt so liberating. Things were simpler back then and now, I feel like I have to simplify every aspect of everything.

4. If I could be in quarantine with anyone, it is still my husband. He has the most optimistic personality and mindset.

5. The most worrisome part of this pandemic, in my perspective, is the imbalance of information. People do not know what to believe and the people who do feel strongly, would rather be right than connected. Millionaires and billionaires have a very different vantage point than those with lesser means. All perspectives are valid “and” with the increase in violence inside of homes, I worry about how abuse and neglect will affect generations to come as trauma changes the brain. Doctors have talked more about the increase in violence than mainstream media.

6. My favorite snack is still dried cranberries.

7. What made my day today? Being able to get a professional haircut (it was not in California).

8. A podcast or series that positively can help anyone’s mental state is "Positive Luxury". I listened to their Zoom webinar this morning about resilience with three separate speakers. A great way to start a day! One of their speakers made a great point about sharing our failures as well as our successes so others can exhale in the pressure to perform.

9. A quote I authored by myself to keep spirits lifted is “I do, we do, you do” – if I keep taking positive actions each day, my coaching clients follow in my setting the tone or rhythm and the circle of constructive, forward looking energy expands. New people come into my life to collaborate and the spiral continues to move upwards. Leadership comes from within and is in the daily decisions to keep growing forward. One decision at a time in pacing, like dancing.

10. 5 things I am grateful for right now in my life is a calendar full of work appointments in the pipeline, time to learn & listen, a clean environment, daily [good] conversation & clean water.

11. Isolation doesn’t mean we can’t connect online. I started a business Instagram account and finally found the time to read a Tailwind pdf about how to post correctly with IG. I have also connected with new business contacts over ASW [A Small World] – a wonderful delight.

12. Today, my spouse helped me edit some social media images in offering a second opinion. I have ten ISBN numbers for publishing with Canada and his editing helps.

13. In the past 7 days, I have started the mind map of how best to navigate the clarity and completion of one’s legacy. While advisory plans are 100% customized based on the client’s data, I am also trying to see the commonalities and patterns. I already had outlined the 26 weeks of assignments when a new legacy advisory client arrives – in this moment of “pause”, I can reflect on ROI metrics, a future video presentation @ managing crisis to come out the other side evolved and transformed and quotes about “what legacy means to them” from various clients. I held over 50 coaching sessions in the past month so its been a fast pace where time feels like it has flown by.

14. Some ways I am planning ahead in my business include learning how to put together a sales funnel to start collecting more email addresses, in reaching more of my target market.

15. I am grateful there is still food at the grocery stores and internet access to conduct commerce.

16. The number 1 thing I am focusing on right now is still staying steady, like last month [30 days ago]. It is imperative to not allowing fear to take over or overwhelm due to feeling uncertain about the future. I am leaning into the future because I can only control what I create.

17. Something I am looking forward to is being able to help more people. Anytime a client is positively impacted by my example in how I am showing up and staying prepared, it reminds me that I am living my best life right now. The value of connection is being honored.

18. Enclosed is a recent photo of a bunny looking for a snack. #springtime

19. I still hope to travel to Key West, Florida after this … from state to state, the governors seem to have separate opinions at this moment.

20. The positive word I’ve committed to internalizing for the second month of quarantine is self-care. I didn’t realize how much I rely on dedicated self-care to be able to function at high levels of thinking, output and planning. I would rather feed the angel on my shoulders because what we give energy to expands.

21. One thing my client base is struggling with right now is honoring their values if they are outgrowing existing opportunities. I coached a lady in Great Britain this week who found herself having to stifle certain core values – in limiting her own growth, she was also limiting her personal legacy in the momentum of her evolution and development forward. A powerful question is “what else is there?” – there are many possibilities in what else we can create.

22. A recent win has been new conversations with individuals in different time zones, due to shared values, and sending my advisory contract over … because I don’t know what is right around the corner. Five years ago, the topic of legacy was rare and today, there are 4 million posts of the word on Instagram alone. The dialogue and consciousness is changing in what now matters.

23. One of my free resources are my social media posts where I am searching out relevant quotes, evergreen or timely tips, business focused content on the softer side of legacy, lifecycle insights, or educational tweets. People crave practical truth and it is an art to deliver abstract concepts simply.

24. A meaningful video I saw recently was a 3-4 minute video by Donald Miller that talked about winning the war, or bigger vision, compared to getting caught up in little battles. The message was meaningful because many times, the individual who walks away in a fight is viewed as weak compared to serving a vision their petty adversaries cannot see. [I also realize 80% of society is not going to care about clarifying and completing their legacy because there is no vision in them or it is buried under negative programming.]

25. My business is committed to updating its rear set design as I held off in the past four months in recording and uploading videos to youtube or vimeo – I want my final product, whether the video is for an email list or e-course, to be as professional as possible in presentation in respect to the client who is committed to seeing their legacy through. Personal development and the softer side of legacy is not for the faint of hear so I will bring 100% of my effort in preparation.

26. When this pandemic is all over, my goal is to have built out that digital platform with all lesson plans – right now, it is more orchestration of many pieces that I do not want to get lost in informing my client/learner.

27. It’s Spring! One activity I love is gardening. Having said that, I came to discover 60% of my fruit trees have some type of boring insect that brought disease to ten trees [peach, nectarine, etc] so I will have to re-invest in new trees in the next two weeks if I can’t save the existing ones.

28. I keep a journal. Like last month, dreams are important because I see how often bitterness can take over. Kinda of like the disease in the fruit trees from the boring insects. People have a hard time letting go and then, they can self-sabotage and keep themselves from finishing what is most important to them. My journal is one tool that holds me accountable.

29. One skill I have is photography – I just discovered my father shares a passion for taking pictures as well, especially black and white images for their historic feel.

30. A meme that shows deep empathy for what Americans are going through right now is “Make America Dinner Again” – with unemployment increasing and farmers uploading videos about how their farms and cattle ranches will most likely not be passed forward, the simplest moments are deeply valuable. Yes, the affluent are worried about getting infected and losing what they love most dear to them. Many people are being impacted – if we could sit down and break bread, perhaps there would be less fear as well as control and more solutions in an abundant universe.




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