How To Navigate Your Legacy With Choice ... Even if You Feel Trapped.

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Imagine we are sailing down the river of our life and the river of commerce ... and we find ourselves in unknown rapids.

The expectation to survive is there ... even if we find ourselves in a new territory.

These days, I am more aware of how it feels less like a meeting of the minds and more like a "meeting of the demand" ... when it comes to any type of offer or contract?

A part of the reason and logic to it is that businesses like to scale and offer technology apps with "one choice or ... nothing" when it comes to their streamlined agreements.

It is marketed as convenience but it is also removing freedom of choice - but, what if we don't want that app or website to access all of our data and sell it?

What if we like our privacy in having 'some' boundaries?

What if the convenience is a distraction that lulls us into complacency?

Aren't we people (or living beings) before we are consumers?

Today's business landscapes shows me the sliding scale of how people have become complacent and are no longer are asking for things - they are accepting what is being placed in front of them ... giving away their right of choice and privacy with each decision. (It reminds of the training of Pavlov's dogs.)

Yes, he/she who writes the contract writes it in their favor, unless they are fair enough to make it equitable for both parties. That is what is missing right now. Greed glands have taken over many of those in a position of power.

After listening to 200+ adults this week in group coaching conversations, I have heard individual's varied and personal range of concerns, views and hopes. Individuals logged in from England, Russia, Israel, France, the US and Canada.

If we are not vigilant, we can end up surprised with someone else or something thing else writing our final chapter as it relates to our life legacy.

Aside from my bit of fear mongering, what is some good news or one thing we can do so we can take some control back?

Surely, there is something still more powerful than AI technology?

What about starting with how we can commence a "wouldn't it be great if ..." daily journal where we direct our imagination to create positive scenarios?

It would look something like this.

Wouldn’t it be great if …

The function is the essence of the experience in both form & function; credit goes to Lucid Living coaches Michelle & Jeanine)

· I woke up with peace in my heart?

· I trusted life and how it is unfolding?

· What if you let go of how it would happen?

· I lived my life as though it is a miracle;

· Stood in generosity and love?

· Embraced the magic all around me?

· I allowed myself to live in a world of enchantment;

· I lived in a world where I am open to receive now;

· I was fascinated by how the Earth works?

· I just used this time for play and did not feel guilty @ it?

· I go barefoot on the grass today to be much more centered, whether cool or warm?

· I enjoyed the dew in the grass on my feet (in the sensory feel)?

· This and all viruses mysteriously ended?

· All my desires can be met?

· I could just enjoy a good ‘ole tantrum right now?

· I believe in the magic inside myself?

· Imagined myself in a hot air balloon?

· I visualized what else is possible as where we come from shapes our reality?

· If I stopped pushing each day and relaxed finally?

· If I let go of control that I need to be perfect?

· My tears were droplets of love at this time for others in need?

· You enjoyed your resistance?

· If I met every challenge with a sense of humor?

· Everyone realized how much this world is connected in ripple effects?

· I know what closes me down and opens me up in feeling the impact of it?

· My resistance melted in my ability to meet people where they are continuously?

· I stayed curious about my clients in how resistance can hold a positive function …

· I dug into my client’s resistance more?

· Gave up daydreaming about sourdough bread as the comfort food during stressful times…

· I enjoyed this time even if others aren’t?

· I could find a focus…?

· This global lockdown generated more compassion and love for other people?

· I got more connected and allowed myself to be more vulnerable in letting go to trust …

· People could see how many miracles are waiting for us to receive? #hope #possibilities

· I could let inspiration take over and let go of the fears? #fullness #calm #belowthesurface

· I wasn’t so driven or productive in the efficiency of time?

· I stayed centered through all of this?

· Release judgments? #huge #INFJ #greekchorus

· I found music other than the Greek chorus re: voices of acceptance?

· Acceptance mattered more of myself and others in measuring up?

· Just be for the experience of it without expectation?

· We could dance in the living room for one hour in laughter and joy? #rocknroll

Or... what if many entrepreneurs and executives invested 15 minutes of their day in answering the question of “wouldn’t it be great if…” in a slow, sensory and light energy that lifts their resonance as a leader of their community and circle of influence? The answers come from our heart space and body's intelligence, not just the head.

#fullness #spreadjoy #cracklingenergy #heartsyearnfor

And like that river of life and commerce all of us are on, there are silent (and sometimes not so silent) expectations that we are supposed to always know how to handle the rapids and new waters.

The good news is that our human imagination is still more powerful than quantum computers in manifesting what is positively possible.


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