30 Days In A Pandemic: A Post To Entertain And Inspire

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The following content is written to lift other's spirits at this time of COVID-19 uncertainty:

  1. Stuck inside is not so bad... My favorite thing to do now with these quiet moments is to work on my luxury (or premium) e-course. In the silence and stillness, I am able to focus on learning the latest business intel to best refine my worksheets, scripts and production schedule for a finished product. People need direction, tools and a sharing of knowledge; what can seem ordinary to one person can be enlightening to another. Yes, I am aware the $100-$300 billion dollar "knowledge industry" is booming to fill a demand for practical education.

  2. I am re-reading a book called "Entrusted: Building A Legacy That Lasts". I am also re-reading the original source document and adaptions to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to better understand leadership. The lessons I am reminded of (again) is that most times we were taught about an ideal - which in most cases is opposite to reality. Maslow, Freud and Darwin did not always agree when it came to theories of how images are presented as reality. In our ability to keep growing, what causes us to slow down or regress with critical thinking in regards to needs met?

  3. I miss being able to attend my regular day spa treatments in self care ... to sit in the sauna to rejuvenate, refill my energy cup and find peace. What do you miss the most?

4. If I could be on quarantined with anyone ... I would want it to be my husband. He is a great chef and is special for his love of the culinary arts. He loves presenting meals in a colorful, artistic delivery. Its been eight years of his cooking skills and no matter the remodeling projects in the background, he saved thought energy to orchestrate healthy meals to share with fresh flowers for the table.

5. The most worrisome part of this pandemic is the use of bio-weapons. I saw the Epoch Times documentary - it appears that we are left to be in a reactive stage to someone else's planning. I find comfort with long walks in nature and prayer. 6. The favorite snack I love, now working from home, is sweetened dried cranberries. A guilty pleasure that positively distracts me from this crisis is listening to Enigma. 7. What made your day today? What made my day was my husband's guidance with my e-course execution. He suggested the US Army's pdf on "how to construct a lesson plan". Emotional support is appreciated in any creative process, especially building out something for the first time. I want my first product to deliver a positive impact, even with people I may never meet. I have yet to poll others re: the title, branding or video content as constructive feedback is helpful. It matters what we do and how we give. Facebook now offers "holograms". The talent who has a better designed system will influence future thinkers with their scalable technology in this coming age of robotics. [I hope we can benefit from interacting with the IoT (internet of things) compared to D wave computers using our living tissues as processors and water as memory chips.] 8. A blog post that positively can help anyone's mental state during this time is located at Lucid Living. It is easy to be and stay negative - it is harder to redirect to the positive.

9. A quote I authored by myself to keep spirits lifted is "the sun is always shining...even when you can't see it". 10. 5 things I am grateful for right now in my personal or professional life include work appointments in the pipeline four months out, internet access, healthy food in the refrigerator, clean running water and a clean environment. 11. Isolation doesn’t mean we can’t connect online. While I can't post a coaching call or Zoom video due to confidentiality in sharing a "behind the scenes", I appreciated being tagged in other's videos in celebration of proactive efforts, building others up and what we can contribute. I am noticing how homes will be built with gigabit/fiber optic internet service as well as ground source geothermal energy saving features. Times are a-changing and these parts will become marketing features.

12. Today my spouse sent me a music video called "South of the Border", featuring one of his favorite singers, Ed Sheeran. The intention was to lighten the mood. Money cannot buy love and love can be one of the best medicines. He also sent the Biebs. #Toronto

13. In the past 7 days, I have created my coaching/advisory firm's manifesto. Due to being quarantined, I have accomplished this task that has been on the list for five years. What are you most proud of from the past seven days?

14. Some ways I am planning ahead in my business include learning about the digital tools such as Lead Pages and Click Funnels as well as brainstorming what my signature speech might be (to add to a future landing page/lead magnate). I have taken my time in the past 5 years because sometimes, we don't have to rush to the middle of the football field.

15. I am grateful for the sunshine on my face while on the back deck. What are you grateful for? Enjoying more of? 16. The number 1 thing I am focusing on right now, for my business and personal life, is staying steady. Whether it is drinking 2 liters of tea a day or remembering to pace myself internally, there is a direct relationship between the brain's cortisol and emotional anxiety. My intent is to stay in a place of proactive happiness.

17. Something I am looking forward to is how people will realize and own their potential in order to survive. Whether it is through their art (as a form of self-expression) or their ability to communicate using various media forms, each person's genius zone or expertise will help others be guided to keep evolving... keep growing. What are you looking forward to? Just like people flourished through the Renaissance, everyone is multi-talented and will find their next role to play. Perhaps it won't prioritize status, maybe it will be to finally move to some tropical island to work there where the value of joy prevails over status. As George Clooney stated in "Up In The Air", "kids love athletes because they follow their dreams... how much were you paid to give up your dreams ... what if this is a rebirth?" You are still needed. You were born with many talents.

18. Above is a recent photo (though not a selfie per se) ... this is what I look like when practicing physical distancing. We need to laugh because so many of our patterns have been disrupted as well as access to salons and spas.

19. I hope to travel to Key West, Florida after this.

20. The positive word I've committed to internalizing throughout this process is wholeness.

21. One thing my client base is struggling with the most now is uncertainty of how their industry will hold up in the future. One product or service that can help is some form of physical re-framing - maybe hang gliding, sky diving or a motorcycle ride through a scenic road where there is real time visual space to see our life differently. Few of us have access to a small private plane to fly high above but even a long bike ride can make a mental difference. There is still so much to enjoy in this world and in our lives and a pivot to another opportunity is just another change, whether it is office brokers or another profession. 22. A recent win has been how a female neighbor surprised me with a pink candle as a gift. What is your recent win? Large of small, let's celebrate!

23. One of my free resources is my articles online to get your imagination started in what you can do to design your legacy. Articles have been published in Thrive Global, Medium.com, WIFB, etc. ... Free is a starting point and then, I would want to know what commitment you have to move forward compared to move to self pity or depression.

24. A meaningful post from one of an associate has been on LinkedIn, where there were 12 "likes" and a comment as follows, "I agree great insights unfortunately very true at times. This is where advisors can help navigate to success." It was meaningful because what it reinforced how coaching conversations are important to maximize talent. This past December, I received notice I would be mentioned as a coaching leader who is making a difference in service to others. Recognition is meaningful because coaching is still a newer industry in the population and leaders understanding its return on investment.

25. My business is committed to serving my customers at this time with e-course(s) - others can have the knowledge via videos and worksheets at their fingertips anytime they need. While scaling requires more time upfront, it can serve a larger audience in bringing a message to market that solves real life problems. Building out my first e-course has taken the past four months to methodically create a quality, well thought out product and marketing plan. It's daily reflections to reflect on conscious and unconscious competence. In living my legacy each day in setting the example, I am showing up for all appointments with a smile on my face.

26. When this is all over, my goal is to have built out a digital platform through tested landing pages ("lead magnets") in offering my coaching service & products through many channels. In the next few years, I look forward to building a "legacy" resort in partnership with architects, landscape designers and interior decorators to have a physical space for events, conferences and workshops where real time learning takes place. What is one of your long term goals?

27. It’s Spring! One activity I love is walking by any body of water... rivers, lakes, oceans... without a winter's coat.

28. I keep a journal. Today, I wrote about the importance of keeping dreams alive so bitterness or hurt do not set in. Do you keep a journal? What did you write about today?

29. One skill I have is photography and I look forward to working on it more in the coming weeks with my new iPhone. Through our lense, we can allow others to see more of the world in new experiences with other sets of eyes. 30. A post that shows deep empathy for what my clients are going through can be found on the medium website. Will community members step up in gaining new skills? What new roles will we play? I extend appreciation and admiration for the courage many individuals are showing right now to serve others with their skills, compassion and time. I thank my clients and non-clients for being a valuable part of my life at this time with their transparency.




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