3 Keys To Fix Your "Legacy" Inertia & Fears

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

With many lifestyle and business aspects changing, the feeling of worry is probably in the back of your mind day and night.

What do you do?

How do you respond now?

Like an ostrich, what benefit is there to staying in the place of recycled anxieties?

The good news is you can start today in gaining the multi-layered education needed of how best to protect your life legacy's work, knowledge and assets.

1. Have the conversations.

Set aside the time and garner the agreements of all parties to sit down.

Start your outline of important topics, invite any outside advisers in or keep it private for the first or all meetings.

It matters today as nothing is guaranteed for your life or your family's life.

We are really living in a fragile world today.

The good news is that people are listening more than ever as they work with attorneys, paralegals, notaries and other professional resources in building their wills, writing out their trusts binders and creating step by step plans for various scenarios.

If you are not sure how to start these gatherings, talk to at least three consultants and gather information on how they would approach the process from A to Z.

Maybe even invite three or more advisers in to the development of your legacy to fill in any missing pieces.

Its more than a legal or financial process, there is other substance to and of one's quality of life; there is a tangible and intangible colorful depth of all people in what they hope to give of themselves to others with their talents and vision.

2. Accept the gift of mortality.

Realize the vulnerabilities we have in this digital yet personalized revolution where all data is tracked.

You nor I are invincible and many of us want our life to matter.

So leverage this time and space now to clarify and prioritize what you would like to pass on, what you stand for and what you hope to be lasting about your life's work and contributions.

What would you like the next generations to know, whether it is your own lineage or the public at large?

When we operate from consistent actions compared to procrastination, there is an elevated mindset to wrap up any loose ends and do the planning now compared to delaying it another year.

3. Execute on the distinctions.

Learn how to:

*protect your assets;

*meet others where they are;

*assign beneficiaries with many different financial accounts;

*navigate the paperwork at various banks, insurance companies and other institutions;

*gather the important documents in one place such as a fire protection box;

*teach the next generations @ dedicating a certain percentage to savings and/or retirement;

*volunteer a notarized Certification of Trust to others while holding back other trust meeting minutes in protecting privacy and;

*pass on your work in multiple platforms so it is proactively preserved. There will be 1,000 distinctions - that is what comes with experience.

Photo Credit: @jaredd_craig

There is much to learn, even in the vocabulary and slang (buzz words) of financial planners, and a basis of even basic etymology is a good place to start.

There is nothing more intimidating than sitting across from a seasoned professional who speaks over your head.

Its even worse when they know it.

(And they know that you know it because you came unprepared.)

Now is the time to step forward as a leader, whether you are a senior family member or a member of Generation X, Y or Z who needs to protect your future or that of loved ones who cannot.

Even if you already have a full time role with your business or businesses, financial "and" emotional preparation can protect what you will consent to or not accept when the tough questions and decisions arrive. What you don't know can quickly be decided for you and, no one likes to be blind sided, uninformed and lost with a stack of legal papers.

My call to action for you, dear reader, is to start where you are today with some professionals you know and trust. Or, perhaps the many resources on the internet can also be a resource.

Maybe you went to school with a trustworthy friend to ask them. Meet up for a chat.

Or perhaps there are new allies through social organizations, a nearby country club or a sports team where gathering new information won't feel like a cold call.

Just begin to get the ball rolling.


Most leaders receive enormous support in growing their professional goals, while they have little to no support to grow their bigger vision or dreams. At Legacy Planning, we guide clients for 12 months to move them from concept to completion. When clients retain us, we increase their wealth by aligning their values & developing their focus so their legacy becomes a reality.

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