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Who Do I Best Serve?:

I equip NXTGEN leaders, family offices and entrepreneurs to achieve their legacy.

1. Next Generation Engagement: 

  • The NXTGEN faces challenges to both fill big shoes in a quickly changing world of how commerce is conducted and how best to develop their inner world for their emotional capacities can match their intellectual capabilities;  

  • This niche wants (demands) transparency even when workplace politics does not operate in transparency;

  • With social media, this group embraces digital marketing to convey their personal values and aspirations.  They do not feel limited by their geographic location - an advisor is a key asset to this group as a personal confidante to maintain their courage, confidence and momentum and have an honest voice in their world for reflection, feedback and the inner world of core beliefs.

2. Entrepreneurs and executives who want to contribute by giving back in larger ways: 

  • This baby boomer group has experienced great success and now wants to see solutions executed for today's problems;  

  • This niche knows their time is a nonrenewable resource and seek peace in addition to profits; 

  • When money and capital are already established, accountability around "what is next" can mean stepping outside of what others expect of them.  This group exercises their values through public speaking, consistency and new partnerships to expand their impact.    

3. Financial professionals who seek an impartial sounding board:

  • How can their investments best serve others, with or without a multi-generational trust, to be of good use;   

  • How else can they fund or raise capital for philanthropic projects;  

  • How can they handle the difficult conversations with others that are much needed to stay in alignment with their values.