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The Power of Retreats and Coaching For Inheritors

Your Legacy is an adventure for you to explore … but what if you find yourself alone in this new experience or its not what you expected?


Monetary wealth doesn’t always buy freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction.

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For some, an inheritance is like winning the lottery for access to flights to the best vacation spots of a lifetime.  For others, it is a fork in the road to ensure their ego doesn’t fool them to lose it all, including their optimism and ability to enjoy the simple things.  For many who receive an inheritance, there is a need for as much as an emotional education, in new life and survival skills around people, as well as the financial literacy and savvy.

It is not surprising to wake up to:

  • New responsibilities where there is no choice other than to step up in new demands in the fear of losing everything (if mismanaged);

  • The need to design personalized strategies so that impulse does not win in self-management;

  • Picking up the tab: How do you develop new friendships, or will your relationships be limited?

  • Who understands you so you feel connected to the world compared to isolated?

Your journey, or rite of passage, is common in both the personal and leadership development that is asked of those who do find themselves with the privilege to design a legacy where once resources were limited. The advisors and mentors at Legacy Planning© will co-create your experience and future with you, in a nurturing environment, to acknowledge what is real for you and to grow from any and all blind spots unique to your situation. We help you gain confidence in your new identity and roles based on your new goals, core values as well as expectations from your inner voice as well as others. As you define what’s true for you now as well as develop and execute on what’s now important to you, you will walk into your new role to design a lasting holistic legacy you will look forward to achieving.

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If any of the words above give language to your experience in locating a strategic alliance for your new reality, thoughts and inner frustrations, then the next step for your consideration is a Discovery Session, following by our six month

Legacy Enhancement Process. Then, the retreat option is offered to inheritors to share, network and connect.

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