The Headstart Is Your Headstart

What role models are you surrounded by?
The greater the wealth, the greater the responsibility.

Access to the best resources does not mean that you will have the best coach to keep you on track with your legacy.

It's true -- just because shareholders or family members want your legacy to go in certain direction does not mean that will bring you the legacy you desire.  With the "Design Your Legacy" coaching alliance, you will reach your personal goals as you receive custom feedback for your lasting impact.

Our Strategy:

Shaping the future of leaders with courage – this is the vision of “Design Your Legacy”. At the heart of our strategy is our focus on how clients define, develop and execute their legacy vision. The legacy of the future needs to be cemented in an individual’s values aligned with actions in their family, business, community and society.


The legacy of our clients will combine the history of their past with the goals and images they hold for a brighter future.  It will encompass both new ideas of how value will be expressed while at the same time bringing the best of their heritage forward to pass on. In accomplishing this, coaching topics include privilege, updating one’s narrative as it relates to identity and standing under one’s boundaries to making it to the finish line. Mastering these topics will allow us to shape the exclusive and practical aspects of how a client both wants to live and how one wants to be remembered.


Nevertheless, with all the choices and pressures to perform in front of us, one thing remains constant: Anything that carries your name (or family crest) needs to also carry your core values despite the tests and attacks that come with this journey of life, commerce and spiritual growth.


The company's main objective is to have clients grow in a rite of passage that can be achieved through the co-active coaching methodology. Only by reaching one’s full potential can we be the role models needed in today’s world to balance profit with purpose for the next generations.


With this perspective we are already on our way towards rethinking priorities and integrity. We want to excite our clients with challenging coaching sessions and accountability. We are also aiming to reach the leaders who can influence the decisions in multiple industries so that tomorrow’s playing field, or baseline, is more symmetrical. We hope to honor our responsibilities with stewardship, ESG and stepping up where resources allow in creating new strategic partnerships.


We have the inner resourcefulness we need to overcome any obstacles in the outer landscape; we are a coaching and advisory firm that hopes to leave you transformed with our leading values of freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction.


Financial access to the best resources means that you will have the best opportunity to retain a coach that keeps you on track.


We look forward to working with you!