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Coaching Women to Visualize and Design their Legacy

According to the latest UBS survey (March 2023), 45% of women have a legacy plan (vs. 59% of men).

While women most often focus their wealth on their financial security and then, lifestyle ... they also would like to make a positive impact in the lives of others and their influence on this world.  Yet, they are not asked often enough the genuine question of "what would you like your holistic legacy to be?"

If you are one of these ladies and you would like to design a legacy, is there a cause you are passionate about?  If so, enclosed are some open-ended questions to start to explore what is possible in being able to bring your whole self, the whole person, to the discussion:

1. What emotions come up for you (i.e. empowered or dis-empowered, hope, shame, fear, frustration, exasperation, a bit of confusion, deflation, disappointment, a sense of being dismissed (devalued), etc,) in how you view designing your own legacy?
2. What is the dominant emotion
3. When you slow down, what's most important?
4. Where do you feel your strongest emotion in your body? Can you describe it?
5. How do you experience this feeling in your body, in what you notice (even if your mind wants to jump to something in reaction)?
6. What are you present to now? (i.e. what comes up?)
7. What is the (emotional) energy underneath it all (perhaps to perhaps and move through when ready?)

*When we notice what's happening in our bodies, we return to the physical experience - returning anyone back to themselves - and to give you/us more access to more information.  We are always experiencing feelings, much more than we realize and our bodies are connecting with these emotions. Speaking into these answers also helps clients self-manage so they can acknowledge and become more aware of their reactions in claiming more personal agency. 

*With knowledge comes new anchors when discussing the design of a legacy for the first time or in updating a legacy plan once a year.


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