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To Achieve Your Legacy, You Need A Plan.
But there are obstacles...

  • Committing to a coach requires trust
  • Who you have talked with
       thus far hasn't worked
  • You ignore your legacy
    another week

  • You don't know where to begin to explain yourself
  • There's limited time in your day to do the inner work
  • There are many moving pieces to consider

Defining, developing and executing your legacy
does not need to be an unsolved mystery.

You don’t have to figure it out alone. Retain a Legacy
Planner and get everything you need to complete
and achieve your personal life's legacy
both in intentionally creating how you will be
remembered as well as aligning your core

business works and how to grow it.



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“"Angelina is a coach who derives your inner journey smoothly. She coaches you by her heart & emotions and stays well connected throughout the entire process. She gave me the space of silence that allowed me to hear my inner voice, then asked me a lot of powerful questions that led me to see things from different angles. She believed in me as a whole person and throughout the conversation, she filled me with the energy of trust & vision. We can find a lot of coaches in the world, but talented ones are a challenge. Angelina is one of the talented ones." - Shaima, Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates"

"Angelina is a very intuitive coach, she is bright and helped me find what is really important in my life. I recommend her to anybody who is willing to explore themselves with fierce courage, she'll surely be by your side, supporting you and championing you to get where you want to go for your legacy. Angelina is talented!"  - Ilaria, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"Angelina has a unique way of having you ponder the future and still live in the present. She bares witness with genuine care. I received great value in her help to align my life legacy with daily action." - Julie, IBM Executive, British Columbia, Canada

"As the daughter of a NYC diamond setter and as a great grandmother, Angelina was introduced to me through associates for her coaching results in both life and business. She helped me, as a cancer survivor, to become ambitious again and reconnect me to my roots. She offered me the space of reflection to look at myself and my past - to have me realize I am not dead yet. I feel now, after six months of Angelina’s coaching, that I would like to fulfill a legacy of teaching my immediate and extended family good values. And, remembering where those good values will get you.” –Denise, Southern California

"Angelina is a natural and instinctive coach who helps you explore new perspectives and possibilities."
- Amanda, United Kingdom, 20 year business owner and executive

"I began my legacy planning with Angelina in November of 2018. She is one of the key support pillars that I trust. I have experienced results with her coaching, holding me accountable to my goals each week and month. I appreciate her reframing and intuition skills, by seeing current obstacles and challenges from different perspectives. This executive level coaching allows me to combine the depth and breadth of my career experiences to create the life I want for myself now. I intentionally make all decisions knowing that my time remaining here is limited. My conversations with Angelina assist me in pushing me beyond my comfort zones, regarding how I can impact, teach and guide others." -Benjamin, Investment Adviser & Prior Executive With Three Global Fortune 500 Companies

"Why life and business coaching at my age, was my first thought. I had recently started a new career at 50 and I began my coaching sessions not knowing what to expect. I had in the back of my mind "old dog, new tricks". As the coaching progressed with Angelina, I found small changes were being made in every aspect of my life; sort of like a hundred wrinkles being ironed out, making my personal and business life smoother. This new awareness, as well as weekly actions in follow-through, enabled me to see new possibilities that I had never thought existed. ... Next steps for a future I had not considered six months previous, ... on multiple levels. Thank you Angelina for your time and holding me accountable." - Saundra, Southern California

"Angelina - I wanted to let you know how impactful your coaching of me was on our last call. You struck a cord when you articulated that one of my core values is “Justice”. This really resonated with me and I have been in inquiry about it ever since. You have great intuition! Warm regards, Nancy."  - Nancy, a client who retired from a law firm now residing in Northern California

"Angelina is an extremely insightful coach. I enjoyed our work together and it helped me progress forward in my career path."

- Dana, MBA who resides in San Francisco, CA

“Angelina is a fantastic coach! Her enthusiastic support and encouragement inspired me to let my imagination soar!"

-Margaret, Los Angeles, California. Her clients include Banana Republic, Wells Fargo, Cisco, GAP, Yahoo!, Levi's, First Republic Bank, Microsoft, Macy's, Comcast and HP.


About the Founder

Over the past twenty years while working in Greater Los Angeles (California, USA), Angelina Carleton has cut her teeth dealing with various types of people and solving their specific problems.

Growing up in a military family allowed her the opportunity to travel while experiencing different cultures - allowing for a diverse knowledge and intricacies related to each culture.  


Her dedication to the tasks at hand has gained her the recognition as a 2015 Los Angeles (LA Biz) Women of Influence.  


The biracial upbringing personalized the 'east meets west' dynamic, bringing it right to the kitchen table: lively structured debates taught her the skills of listening and understanding the different perspectives while entrenching the importance of persistence and tenacity.

The importance of learning and personal exploration gives Mrs. Carleton a perspective and knowing of how to relate to each client and their specific needs.  


By using her ability of in-depth listening, exploration with the client and intuition, Angelina leans on these pillars as tools to re-frame a client's goal and provide a path to their personalized legacy.

Her dedication to uncover the client’s needs/wants/desires enables her to be honest with them to provide realistic expectations.  These insights are what is desired by certain clients who are surrounded by “yes” people on a daily basis.


Angelina is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University as well as the Co-Active Coaching Institute.

She is a 13th generation American on her paternal side with the arrival of English settlers who established themselves in Rowley, Massachusetts in 1638. Author on genealogy and New York attorney, Morrison DeSoto Webb, has documents the Carleton ancestry to 1066.


In 1639, the original Carleton, Edward, was one of five men chosen "to order the affairs of the town of Rowley"; he served on a committee to survey and lay out the town. In 1642, he was made a Freeman. In 1645-1648, Edward was a member of the Grand Jury and spent his time in court service. By 1648, he was made a Commissioner. His son, John Carleton, was County Recorder and County Clerk for Writs for the town of Haverhill and also Constable. Edward's grandmother, Ellen Strickland, has her roots documented back to 519-534 AD.

My paternal grand grandfather, Herman W. Smart, was a past member of the Golden Fleece Lodge and Mount Sinai's first active Secretary between 1944-1971 in Marblehead, MA. My other paternal great grandfather, Herbert Carleton, also held a Grand Lodge of Masons membership card in MA. She commenced her Legacy Series on video and audio with her cousin, Karl Neville, to chat about legacy.


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